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MA Creative Leadership

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Master, MA

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Business, Führungskräfte-Entwicklung / Leadership, Management

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Today we define ourselves not just by our profession, but by the way we do things and how they are connected - across geographical boundaries, cultures and professional disciplines.
Effective leadership and problem solving require the ability not only to question, but to change the rules of the game.
This is a part-time, transdisciplinary, blended learning programme that helps professionals to meet the leadership challenges of the 21st century.
It has been designed for experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, including those without formal academic qualifications.
You will explore a holistic view of leadership facilitated by the combined knowledge and experience of senior faculty members from business, management, psychology, media and performance disciplines.

Why should I choose this programme?
The MA Creative Leadership works across traditional academic boundaries to help you become a better leader in today’s complex, fast-changing world.
It designed to facilitate and explore leadership at multiple levels. You will build on your experience, enabling you to develop a dynamic, flexible approach to the challenges of leadership for the future.
The programme is relevant for leaders and managers in both commercial and non-profit organisations as well as people who want to make a difference in their careers and communities.

Key skills, aims and objectives:

  • Understand and utilise the breadth of thinking related to leadership
  • Understand the nature of the complex environment in which leaders operate
  • Understand the role and functioning of metacognition in leading
  • Develop skills in critical reflection, giving attention, analysing phenomena, thinking creatively, and episodic learning and knowing how to utilise these in leadership situations
  • Develop the ability to create and apply fresh thinking about leadership to current and future roles and contexts
  • Learn from diverse perspectives - cultural, contextual, personal

Program Emphasis

The programme is structured in five phases, spread over a period of 12-16 months.
Each phase comprises a five-day intensive period when the group comes together, followed by a distance-learning period during which you are able to develop and apply your learning.
During the group sessions, you will be learning through a range of interactive techniques, including simulations, workshops and debates.
Between sessions, you will be back at work, using your new knowledge, supported by your tutors through on-line learning activities and individual tutorials.

Phase One: Awakening
Phase Two: Reordering
Phase Three: Negotiation and Commitment
Phase Four: Embodiment
Phase Five: Synthesis


Students starting from September 2013 will begin on Regent's University London validated degree programmes.

Requirements / Application

We require a minimum of five years’, full-time, relevant work experience. In addition, you will be invited to attend an interview.
Formal academic qualifications, including undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, are welcome but are not a requirement for admission.
For those applicants whose mother tongue is not English, we require proof of English proficiency.

How to apply:
Applying to study at RUL is a quick and easy process. We accept direct applications, have no formal application deadlines and there is no application fee.

You can apply in the following ways:

You must also provide additional supporting documents.

For more information about entry requirements, application process, please refer to the MA Creative Leadership programme page.

Important Dates

Regent’s operates a rolling admissions policy and accepts applications year-round. The MA Creative Leadership programme begins in January.

Tuition / Fees

All students pay the same fee regardless of nationality.

Fees Spring 2017
Full programme fee: £10,800
Registration fee: £250
Non-EU advance deposit: £750 (refundable)

Financial Aid


  • Regent’s currently has 4,500 students; 3,300 undergraduate and 1,200 postgraduate.
  • 142 nationalities represented amongst students.
  • 10,300 Regent’s alumni in 145 countries across the world.
  • 15:1 ratio of students to academic staff.
  • 160 partner institutions in 28 countries worldwide.
  • More than 300 Regent’s students take part in exchange programmes each year.
  • 9 different languages available to study in addition to English.

Duration of study

12-16 months

Career Perspective

You will develop the skills and life-long learning habits needed to become an adaptable, successful leader in contemporary society.
This programme is suitable for those who wish to enhance their confidence and ability to progress in their current career, as well as for those who wish to change career direction, or for those who just want to rethink the nature of leadership in a changing world.

Our Careers & Business Relations team offers a wealth of information, advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions for your future:

  • Personalised careers guidance
  • Career-coaching sessions
  • Advice and support with starting your own business
  • Employability skills workshops
  • A series of employer and industry events throughout the year

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