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CEU Business School was founded in Budapest in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders headed by legendary investor and philanthropist George Soros.

We are rapidly emerging under our new leadership. With assistance from an endowment 3x the per-student value of that possessed by Oxford and Cambridge, we offer a program which is uniquely relevant for today's challenges, and which is offered at a highly subsidized tuition rate.

CEU Business School was the first educational institution in the Central-Eastern Europe region to train managers by offering a western graduate business program leading to an American MBA. Since its inception, the school has pursued the goal of developing standards in line with Western institutions, while ensuring timely and relevant consideration of the changes within the region’s transforming economies.

We believe, along with George Soros, that the world needs managers capable of dealing with rapidly changing environments and appreciating the impact of their actions on the business, social, and natural environment. Thus, the mission has evolved to a more global one focused on emerging economies as a particular opportunity to impact new managers and how they influence our future.

A global financier and philanthropist, George Soros is the founder and chairman of a network of foundations that promote the creation of open, democratic societies, based upon the rule of law, market economies, transparent and accountable governance, freedom of the press and respect for human rights. CEU's diverse activities including top-education, world-class research and influential international conferences are a key pillar in this mission to build open societies worldwide.

Every year, Mr. Soros attends the CEU Graduation Ceremony to personally hand over the Diplomas to all students graduating and is active as an advisor, advocate and guest lecturer.

We Focus on Transnational Leadership and Emerging Markets in a Uniquely International Environment

CEU Business School offers various programs, including a Full-time MBA, an Executive MBA (part-time), several tailored Executive Education Programs, and, together with three other top-flight global Business Schools, offers the International Masters in Management (IMM) Executive MBA which has been ranked #1 in “International Course Experience” and #2 in "Career Advancement" by Financial Times in their 2010 worldwide EMBA-Ranking.

Our MBA’s unique year-long Transnational Leader course empowers you (as a future manager) to lead a rapid, multi-cultural and transnational process of change. It covers a broad range of subjects including the political environment of business, critical thinking, transnational negotiation, and transnational strategies and focusses on developing your skills to rigorously analyze this process of change and develop creative solutions.

CEU Business School’s faculty and students are truly international, with the 2010 MBA class comprising of 35 people from 21 nations on 5 continents and not a single dominant nationality. Across all CEU programs, people from more than 100 nations are present on campus.

History at a Glance

Since its inception as “International Management Center” (IMC) in 1988, CEU Business School has evolved through three periods.

From 1988 to 1995 IMC students were taking their first-year courses in Budapest and moved to one of our partner schools in Western Europe and North America to complete their studies and receive their MBA diplomas.

From 1996 to 2001 IMC had been a franchise of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since 2002 we are officially recognized as the Business School of Central European University.


Central European University (CEU) is organized as an American graduate institution, governed by a Board of Trustees. It was incorporated in the State of New York. The university has an absolute charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department.

In the United States, CEU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools: 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States. Phone: (1 215) 662 5606.

Central European University (CEU), in Hungary Közép-európai Egyetem is accredited by the Hungarian Adult Education Accrediting Body (in Hungarian, Felnőttképzési Akkreditáló Testület [FAT]). The Executive MBA program is also accredited as an adult education program by FAT. (Please note: we are now exploring the Hungarian accreditation process for our full-time MBA program.)

As of September 2010 the full-time MBA program runs as a higher educational program of the Central European University N.Y. and the Közép-európai Egyetem. Both MBA programs are operated by the CEU Business School.

Our Adult Education Registration Number is 00871-2010, our Institutional Accreditation Registration Number is ALF-051.

CEU Business School's MBA programs are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the three internationally recognized MBA/Business School accrediting agencies.

Study programs

MSc in Technology Management and Innovation

The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation program provides a bridge between IT and business. The program is unique in Central and Eastern Europe and special in that it helps those with technical backgrounds as well as those with broader experience prepare for technology-related leadership positions.

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MSc in Business Analytics

This new interdisciplinary program is unprecedented in Europe. Unlike other analytics-oriented programs, CEU’s MSc in Business Analytics offers a full spectrum of skills and knowledge necessary for business analysts to create value from Big Data and other sources of quantitative information while also providing key management and economic insights and approaches needed for data to become a true business asset.

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IMM Global Executive MBA

The IMM program is an advanced executive program designed for experienced professionals who seek to obtain an MBA degree while maintaining their full-time job responsibilities. The collaborative effort of top leading international business schools around the world makes IMM a truly international program. Students benefit from the global student body, faculty and residential sessions.

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MSc in Finance

The program is aimed at professionals who either wish to upgrade themselves or move into finance positions (e.g. CFOs, controllers, investment banking, etc.) or find that other functions (e.g. marketing, general management, operations, etc.) require greater financial skills.

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Recruiters Guide

After finishing an MBA, some students will return to sponsoring companies, others will decide to become entrepreneurs and found their own Businesses, and many will seek employment in a wide variety of industries. Whatever you choose to do, CEU career services will assist you to ensure your professional growth.



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