ESMT Scholarships


Stephanie Kluth
Head of MBA Admissions Office
Schlossplatz 1
D-10178 Berlin

ESMT's corporate founders are offering substantial partial- and few full-tuition scholarships to fulfill ESMT’s mission. When applying to ESMT every applicant has the possibility to compete for one of the prestigious scholarships.

The scholarship can cover up to full tuition and fees in exceptional cases, depending on the assessment by the MIM and MBA Scholarship Committee of the applicant’s merits.


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The amount of the scholarship will be decided after a candidate has been accepted into the program. The MBA Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and makes the decision as to the amount. This decision is final.

ESMT exclusively offers scholarships in conjunction with a successful application to its MBA program. The scholarship is not donated in form of cash and will be deducted from the applicant’s tuition and fees.


Allocation of Scholarships
Scholarships will be allocated on the basis of intellectual excellence, evidence of personal and professional achievement and evidence of strong leadership potential. Applicants do not have to apply separately for the scholarship as the application and interview results will be used to measure the mentioned criteria

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