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Master of Arts International Business

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Master, MA

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Business, Internationale Ausrichtung

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Programme director
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle
Hochschule Mainz
School of Business
Room: M2.02
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz


Programme Manager MA.IB
Judith Busch
Hochschule Mainz
School of Business
Room: M2.25
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz
Students spend the first year of their studies at the home institution and the second year at the Partner University in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America or USA. The fourth semester is used to write the Master Thesis, which may be completed under Mainz or supervision of faculty from the Partner University.

  • Students take five courses at the host University and transfer the credits as options back to FH Mainz. Exchange students from Partner Universities may transfer courses they took at their home University during the first year either as options or, if applicable, first year modules.

  • Within the summer break between year 1 & year 2 students apply the analytical tools learned in the first two semesters at work in an international company (“applied project”).

  • Teaching methods in each course are a mixture of lectures and seminars. A strong emphasis is placed on individual and group work as well as on self-study projects. Larger and smaller groups will work together on projects, which may be taken from outside companies.


Requirements / Application

  • A business-oriented, higher education qualification (bachelor’s degree or equivalent undergraduate degree) of 3 years fulltime or 180 ECTS minimum with above-average marks (minimum requirement: ECTS mark C)
  • A good level of fluency in English (Internet Based TOEFL: 92 points minimum)
  • A working knowledge of two languages other than English (note: German is not a requirement). The language knowledge must be proved by a language qualification (such as DELE, DELF etc.).
Application Documents
  • Certified copy of a business-oriented, higher education qualification, including the final mark
  • Certified copy of a general qualification for University entrance
  • Certified certificate for English as a foreign language
  • Certified certificate of a working knowledge of two other languages
  • Motivation letter
Note: Authorized copies of certificates and degrees need to be provided in English or German.

Important Dates

Application deadline is June 15th of a year (studies will start in October). International applicants are encouraged to submit their applications earlier.

Tuition / Fees

Tuition for the first year in Mainz
Students with a German or international Bachelor degree: tuition free!
Students with a German "Diplom" degree: tuition fee of EUR 650.00 per semester (applicants with a credit balance on their Rhineland-Palatinate "Studienkonto" may use these credits).

Tuition for the second year at the partner university
Tuition for the second year stay at the partner university follows the host university’s tuition rules. Therefore, tuition has to be paid at the partner university. In some countries, a limited number of MA.IB students are accepted tuition free.

Financial Aid

Scholarships or grants are not available.

Duration of study

The full-time programme lasts 2 years (4 semesters) and starts every fall (October).

Career Perspective

This programme enables students to gain the cross-cultural experience necessary to successfully apply their management skills in globally active companies or public organisations. In particular, graduates will be familiar with state-of-the-art techniques of International Business and will have acquired leadership skills for a cross-cultural business environment. The MA.IB programme’s multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual approach, its focus on the application of management theories and tools in case studies, the professors’ own management experience in multinational companies and cross-cultural consultancy, the applied projects in multinational companies, and the Master thesis in cooperation with international businesses, ensure that our graduates are perfectly prepared for an international business career.
The degree may qualify for positions in the higher civil service. In individual cases, it may also serve as preparation for doctoral studies in Germany or abroad, e.g. at our Partner University in Wroclaw (Breslau)/Poland.


Students who join the MA.IB come from all over the world. In Mainz, a total of 30 students (direct applicants as well as students from Partner Universities) are accepted to participate in the programme each academic year. We aim at building real international groups with students from around 10 to 14 different nations. Applicants’ age averages at 25. Work experience is not a prerequisite for the programme.

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