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The structure of the MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA is adapted to the individual needs of executives and offers a high degree of flexibility. Participants meet for six nine- to eleven-day course modules – three of which take place in each Mannheim and Shanghai – that deal with different management disciplines. The program is designed to enable participants to graduate after 18 months. However, participants can also take breaks or only attend single courses of a module. The maximum term of the program is three and a half years, in which all courses have to be attended and all examinations must have been passed. Studies in each case begin in March (Shanghai) or in September (Mannheim).

The program does not only teach a sound and practical-oriented expertise, but also focuses on the European-Asian or respectively the German-Chinese economic relations and the special features of each market. This includes, among others, so-called soft skill courses, guest lectures, and excursions. The program concludes with a Master's project.
Participants will obtain each an Executive MBA degree from Mannheim Business school/Mannheim University and Tongji University (double degree).

Key features:

Degree: Master of Business Administration (EMBA; double degree)

Subject Area: Economics: International Business/Economics, Management, Economic Sciences, other

Place of Study: Shanghai/Mannheim

Program Emphasis

  • Preparation for international top-level management
  • Management and cultural leadership skills
  • A distinct Sino-German curriculum with focus on intercultural perspectives
  • Diversity of business locations and program participants

Requirements / Application

Admission Requirements (EMBA)

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • 8 years of work experience
  • Significant leadership and international experience
  • Commitment, motivation, and willingness to contribute
  • Good English skills (TOEFL iBT 105)
  • 2 reference letters

Important Dates

Participants can start the program with the module in March in Shanghai or September in Mannheim. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Tuition / Fees

Regular tuition fees: 49,500 €

Duration of study

The timing and length of the program is flexible, depending on the timeline participants have set for themselves. The program can be completed within 18 months or participants may choose to complete the program over a maximum period of three and a half years. This format provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and is completed on a module-basis, where participants collect the required modules over time and finish with the Master Project.

Participants can also attend single modules or courses and receive a MANNHEIM & TONGJI joint certificate.

Career Perspective

Optimal preparation for positions in international top management with specific focus on Sino-German business issues.


The program has a diverse class profile with a balanced number of participants from the German/European (40%), Chinese/Asian (40%) and other regions (20%). The educational and professional backgrounds of the participants also vary, maximizing the diversity of the class.

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