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MSc in Business Analytics

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Master, Master of Science

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Management, Ökonomie, Statistics and Technology

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Mirjam Simpson-Logonder
Recruitment Office
1023, Budapest
Frankel Leó 30-34
  • Start date: September 2016, February 2017
  • Program length: 11/12 months
  • Flexible format: full-time or part-time
  • 36 credits
Gain insights from your data, your most valuable asset.

This new interdisciplinary program is unprecedented in Europe. Unlike other analytics-oriented programs, CEU’s MSc in Business Analytics offers a full spectrum of skills and knowledge necessary for business analysts to create value from Big Data and other sources of quantitative information while also providing key management and economic insights and approaches needed for data to become a true business asset.

The program offers students skills and knowledge in four equally important disciplines: Economics, Management, Statistics and Technology

Transactional data is collected about various stakeholders of the firm: customers, suppliers, competitors and investors. Each of them responds to economic and social incentives when interacting with the firm. Our graduates understand these incentives in the coherent framework of economics, and are thus able to analyze decisions in quite diverse situations.
Our graduates know how to manage a data-driven business by leveraging technology to create knowledge from big data and other sources of quantitative information. They also understand how the availability of business data transforms traditional management practices by establishing a bridge between possibilities generated by Business Analytics and the requirements of running a business.
For data to add business value, our graduates use statistical analysis to find patterns and evaluate past and future business interventions. They learn the tools of predictive analysis and models of causal analysis. They can tell not only signal from noise, but also how to use statistics to conduct cost-benefit analysis.
Modern Business Analytics requires smart utilization of advanced technologies. Such technologies include hardware and software and require on-going integration applied to a range of business decisions. Technologies help manage and examine data, thereby creating a rigorous and informed Business Analytics capability in an enterprise. Our graduates are familiar with relevant key tools, frameworks, platforms and technologies, and are particularly knowledgeable about technology trends related to Big Data.


CEU Business School possesses official authority from New York State’s Department of Education.

Requirements / Application

A minimum of four years spent in higher education. A bachelor’s (or higher) degree from a reputable institution in business, economics, statistics, computer science, engineering.
Mathematics, social sciences, the physical sciences or other quantitative-oriented fields is generally required.


  • Demonstrated quantitative skills
  • GMAT or GRE score report, or equivalent CEU-administered mathematics test
  • Completed online application
  • Undergraduate degree and transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Professional CV
  • 2 letters of recommendation


Important Dates

Application Deadline for the September 2016 program start for candidates from non-EU/EEA member states: May 30, 2016, for candidates from EU/EEA member states: June 30, 2016

Tuition / Fees

Tuition for the MSc in Business Analytics is EUR 12,000.

A tuition reduction of 15% is granted to alumni of all CEU degree programs.

Financial Aid

This year you can take advantage of a generous gift from George Soros that covers partial tuition. The subsidy reduces our typical tuition rate by half.

Career Perspective

Graduates of the program will be familiar with all aspects of Business Analytics, with an emphasis on Big Data, and will be especially well versed in applications that enhance business decision making. Understanding pressing questions posed by managers, methodological challenges of statistics, as well as the power and limitation of relevant technologies, our graduates will be sought after for key positions in large corporations and other organizations, and they may even become entrepreneurs in the booming analytics startup arena.

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