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Master in Management (MIM)

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Master, MSc

Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch


Business, Internationale Ausrichtung, Management, Philologie, Sprachstudien

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Sophia Oberhuber
Programme Manager
ESCP Europe
Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin
The Master in Management is geared towards ambitious graduate students, wishing to optimise their prospects for an international career: thanks to its unique design (2 years - 3 countries - 2 internships - 3 degrees) it not only provides students with the state-of-the-art in management techniques and a high-quality intercultural education, but also gives them the opportunity to gain practical experience.

Students take courses in different languages, countries and in specialised topics in International Business. An integral part of the ESCP Europe experience is constant exposure to diverse backgrounds, studying, living, and working in different countries. The learning process is interdisciplinary and infused with multicultural dimensions on every level. With an exceptionally diverse student body and faculty with transnational research experience and expertise, ESCP Europe develops personal growth, management knowledge and decision-making skills.

Studying at ESCP Europe is a life-enriching experience that cannot easily be matched. Thanks to many careers fairs, conferences and networking events students have the opportunity to become familiar with various industry sectors and to gain a foothold in their chosen field early on.

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The program emphasis is based on International Management. At the same time, students are expected to gain a deep insight into other relevant business fields as well, such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management Control, Human Resources and European Law, amongst others. ESCP Europe Master in Management, both in structure and content, fosters the cross-fertilisation of ideas. This takes the form of peer-learning among students as well as more formal learning with faculty. The international focus is further stressed by the two year-three country-two internship-concept which enables the students not only to study International Management but to live it as well!


Voraussetzungen / Zulassung

  • A-levels, Abitur, Baccalauréat or a comparable school degree awarded outside France.
  • Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Management, or Economics or a comparable university degree (180 ECTS points). Students of other degree courses (Diplom) from Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences (FH) are required to have completed their studies before joining ESCP Europe.
  • Filled-in application form plus all other required documents must be handed in by 1 April at the latest.
Applications are examined in the order of their arrival, they must be submitted to the Student and Admissions Office as early as possible, and at the latest by:

1 April for the academic year starting in September the same year.

Incomplete applications will be put on hold until all required documents have been provided.

The admission test takes place in May. It consists of one day of written tests (foreign languages and a computer-based test challenging applicants’ verbal and logical capacities) as well as a day of oral tests (a personal interview of up to an hour, a group interview, foreign languages). Candidates are expected to convince the selection committee of his/her abilities and motivation.

Eligibility is declared by the selection committee based on the analysis of the admission test results. Information contained in the application is also considered. Students will be informed of their eligibility by mid-July at the latest.

Wichtige Termine

Applicants wishing to join ESCP Europe in September should apply by 1 April the same year at the latest.

Kosten und Gebühren

For information about fees and tuition please visit our website.


For further information about scholarships please click here.

Dauer des Studiums

24 months. The two years are spent in three different countries. They consist of two academic terms as well as 3-month internship periods each. Students will therefore graduate with a minimum work experience abroad of 6 months.

Karriere Perspektiven

Career perspectives are excellent. Most of our students have many interesting offers before their actual graduation. Even though a lot of our students seem to be attracted by consulting and investment banking, there are many other industry sectors our students go into. The many facets of ESCP Europe's curriculum prove to be an excellent preparation for an international career in management. Thus, ESCP Europe Master graduates confidently enter the job market with the knowledge, adaptability and expertise to manage diversity.

Partner Universities
Besides its own five campuses in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid and Turin, ESCP Europe has 60 partner universities in 33 countries. For more information, please visit our homepage at

Recruiter's Guide
Every year all our campuses offer exclusive recruiting events - such as the "Recruiting Days" in Berlin, where companies are invited to get to know our school and our students and vice versa. Recruitment events most take the form of presentations, exhibition stands and first round interviews. Other ways of presenting your company are also possible. Please contact the respective campus for further information and to discuss your own ideas!


ESCP Europe Master in Management students come from all different kinds of countries and backgrounds. On average, there are 20 different nationalities studying together. Concerning their gender, applicants as well as students are evenly distributed. All our students are highly motivated and open-minded. Their intellectual curiosity as well as their intercultural and social skills are remarkable. ESCP Europe helps them to further develop their outstanding abilities and prepares them for an excellent start of their career.

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