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Master in Business Innovation

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Master, MA

Taught language
Deutsch, Englisch


Program Emphasis
Business, Innovationsmanagement

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Cornelia Storch, M.A.
EBS Business School
Rheingaustrasse 1
65375 Oestrich-Winkel

The Master in Business Innovation involves 60 days of attendance on 6 modules (Fundamentals of Innovation, Leadership Perspectives, Global Perspectives, Market Perspectives, Legal and Financial Perspectives, Master Thesis Workshop). The modules are graded through continuous assessments (exam, group presentation, homework, living cases). A master’s thesis is completed at the end. The target groups for this program are: Employees from companies who would like to hold an innovative managerial position, or those who already hold such a position and applicants who would like to further develop their knowledge of innovative management functions.

The Master in Business Innovation aims to provide an understanding of the continuous, market-oriented development of innovative ideas and their implementation in the market.

The programme focuses on:

  • Identifying and assessing innovation potential in organizations, and also market potential.
  • Developing new products and services and maintaining the balance between creativity, profitability and market needs.
  • Successful positioning and launching new products and services on the market.
The MBI is characterized by a number of specific elements:
  • Content is spread over 6 modules, which allows learning in self-contained study areas that are nevertheless didactically linked to other. This results in an integrated teaching approach, which explores innovation management from different perspectives.
  • Interactive modules that thrive on the students' participation and experience.
  • "Living Cases" that give the students the opportunity to explore questions relating to their own workplace from an academic perspective.
Further advantages:
  • Staff support Program
  • Family / Partner Program
  • EBS Coaching Program

Program Emphasis

Innovation Management


Requirements / Application

All applicants must submit the following documents:

  • application form
  • certified proof of academic degree and university entrance qualification
  • current CV with details of professional experience (min. 2 years professional experience)
  • letter of motivation outlining reasons for the application, objectives and personal background
  • proof of practical/professional experience (job reference)
  • two references from superiors, professors or other qualified persons
  • demonstrate a good command of the English language (e.g. TOEFL minimum score 83 points internet-based or an equivalent)
A personal interview will also be conducted to ascertain professional orientation, social competence, suitability and motivation.

Procedure: After receipt of all documents and an interview the application will be reviewed at EBS. If all requirements for admission to the MBI are fulfilled, the applicants will be accepted to the study programme.

Important Dates

The deadline for applications is 15 June each year.

Financial Aid

VDI: 50% scholarship
Festo-Bildungsfond: 50% scholarship

When certain conditions are fulfilled, one scholarship per study group may be awarded. This scholarship pays 50% for the second instalment of tuition fees. Eligibility for a scholarship is dependent on the financial means of the student and is decided by the programme directors.

Duration of study

18 Months -> 60 days at Campus


Average age: 33
Age range: 25 - 46
Average work experience: 8,75
Percentage of foreign students: 3%
Percentage of women students: 17 %

Academic Background:
Engineering: 23,88 %
Industrial Engineering: 11,94 %
Economics: 29,85 %
Natural Science / Medicine: 11,94 %
Computer Science: 10,45 %
Architecture / Design: 5,97 %
Pedagogy / Language: 5,97 %

Industrial Background:
Automotive: 10,45 %
Research / Medicine / Health: 5,97 %
Communication / Media: 4,48 %
Consulting: 5,97 %
Chemical Industry: 7,46 %
Finance / Bank / Accounting / Insurance: 7,46 %
IT: 5,97 %
Electronics: 4,48 %
Education: 10,45 %
Engineering: 17,91 %
Safety: 7,46 %
Aviation: 2,99 %
Others: 2,99 %

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