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MBA International Healthcare Management

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Medizin und Gesundheitswissenschaften, Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Program Emphasis
Gesundheitsmanagement / Public Health, Gesundheitswesen

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Tanja Ward
Programme Director
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Adickesalle 32-34
60322 Frankfurt am Main
This is an exciting time to be working in healthcare management. Healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in the marketplace, driven by demographic trends as well as medical and technological breakthroughs. Among the many factors driving change in this exciting field are shifts in patients’ expectations and demands, the ongoing redefinition of the who and how of healthcare provision – including changing techniques and methods – and far-reaching innovations in medical and health-related products. At the same time, finance for healthcare is coming under intense scrutiny, with new models and solutions emerging in many different countries and markets.


Supplier (MedTech, BioTech, Pharma)
The medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical industries are emerging as the fastest-growing industrial sectors worldwide, covering a vast range of applications. Over the next decade, this area of the healthcare industry is expected to grow even more rapidly, creating huge business opportunities for international companies. But this sector is also one of the most strictly regulated, which is why it is vital that industry players and their managers should develop the knowledge and skills necessary to drive product innovation, optimise manufacturing processes, enhance customer service, implement best-practice management techniques and support the healthcare value chain.

In specially tailored modules, the MBA programme provides students with the specific knowledge and skills they need to master the intricacies of product design and innovation, manufacturing processes, quality control and marketing – all essential ingredients in the success of healthcare suppliers. The modules are taught in collaboration with key industry partners, giving students direct insights into the best practices in the industry.

Payer / Provider (Insurances, Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions)
Attaining excellence in the delivery of healthcare services in hospitals, clinics and communities requires leadership skills, exceptional management skills and the ability to execute healthcare service delivery processes to the highest standards. In the course of the Frankfurt School MBA programme students are given detailed instruction on service system design, patient-centric service delivery, medical and managerial excellence and the key traits that characterise effective leadership in the healthcare delivery sector.

Healthcare costs are rising and insurers must find a balance between meeting these costs and providing good healthcare coverage. By studying for a Frankfurt School MBA in Healthcare Management alongside other stakeholders in the healthcare industry, managers in healthcare insurances can explore different perspectives and viewpoints in challenging debate and interaction with other players in the healthcare value chain.


Modules 1 to 10:

M1: Introduction to Business, Economics and different Healthcare Systems (Frankfurt)
M2: Managing Financial Resources & Controlling (Frankfurt)
M3: Strategic Management and Marketing (Banglore, India)
M4: Innovation, Strategy and Project Management (Washington D.C., USA)
M5: Entrepreneurship & Management in Competitive Markets (e-based)
M6: Quality and Process Management (Singapore)
M7: Supply and Facility Management and IT (London area, UK)
M8: HR, Organisation and Change Management (Dubai)
M9: Leadership, Intercultural Management, Ethics (Frankfurt)
M10: MBA Thesis

Program Emphasis

Pharmaceutical industries, MedTech, BioTech, Insurances, Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions


Requirements / Application

  • First academic degree
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills (TOEFL min 90 IBT, or equivalent),
  • At least 3 years of professional experience
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Healthcare relevant background or interest 
  • Motivated and hard-working candidates

Important Dates

Application Deadline: 31. July
Programme Start: October

Tuition / Fees

Registration fee: 100 Euro
Semester fee: 11,300
Total price: 34,000 Euro (including study material, excluding travel cost and accommodation)

Early-bird tuition discount 1 (complete applications received by 31 January) 4,000 Euro
Early-bird tuition discount 2 (complete applications received by 30 April)       2,500 Euro

Financial Aid

Possible scholarships Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Duration of study

20 months


Specialists and managers from all over the world – who are pursuing a management career in hospitals, healthcare companies and institutions worldwide and wish to acquire additional management qualifications to enhance their professional skills.

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