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Professional MBA Automotive Industry

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Dr. Man-Wook Han
Continuing Education Center, Vienna University of Technology
Operngasse 11/017, A-1040 Vienna


Dipl.-Ing. Miroslav Babinsky
Institute of Lifelong Learning Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Vazovova 5
SK-812 43 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Mostly well-known car manufacturers are expanding their manufacturing capabilities in the Central European Region (CENROPE) especially within 400 km from Vienna and Bratislava. The automotive market is a challenging market. There is a tremendous need on the education system for the managers and future managers in the automotive or components supply industries to provide with additional knowledge and to upgrade their skills to solve the challenging problems in a right way. The professional MBA Automotive Industry offered by the Vienna University of Technology and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The lectures will be given in English by internationally renowned professors and experts and will be a good combination between theory and practice.

The main goal of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is to provide present & future managers in the automotive or components supply industries with additional knowledge and to upgrade their skills. Graduates of this program will gain an in-depth knowledge of management within this field, which should enable them to

  • identify short-term and long-term challenges
  • structure complex, dynamic projectsindependently manage a project, using project management tools
  • make the right decisions in complex and difficult situations
  • stay abreast of both national and international changes.
The program is primarily targeted at persons operating in the automotive and components supply industries:

  • Company employees or self-employed persons who have positioned themselves as leaders, or who wish to do so.
  • Employees who have taken their career steps and now want to prepare themselves for further career development by taking on a managerial function within the automotive and components supply industries.
  • Potential company founders with a technical background


The Professional MBA Automotive Industry aims to train present and future automotive managers to master demands of challenging industry. Internationally renowned experts and professors with interdisciplinary specialized knowledge and their extensive practical experience in the automotive and components supply industries give extensive and broad knowledge.
The lectures are organized in combination of theory and practice. Automotive Industry related case studies are the part of the course work.
As the key success factors in the CECNTROPE Region of Vienna /Bratislava the knowledge of automotive technology and business subject with a special focus on production and logistics will be covered.

Contents of the program:
  • Accounting & Controlling
  • Management Science
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
  • Marketing & Competition Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • European & International Business Law
  • Managerial Economics
  • Communication Skills & Social Competence
  • Process & Quality Management in the Automotive Industry
  • Automotive Production & Logistics
  • Master’s Thesis


Voraussetzungen / Zulassung

Admission will be granted to persons holding an internationally recognized academic degree, at least two years of relevant work experience, and a good knowledge of English.

In individual cases, and where there is good reason, interested applicants with equivalent qualifications may also be granted admission. This applies to persons holding a position equivalent to that normally held by a college graduate, or who have appropriate work experience.

Wichtige Termine

Anmeldeschluss: 31. Januar 2019
Studienbeginn: 28. März 2019

Kosten und Gebühren

EUR 20,000(VAT-free) including course materials and refreshments during breaks.
The tuition fee does not include the cost of trips and overnight stays.


CENTROPE Scholarships are available. For more detail information, please visit the Webpage.

Dauer des Studiums

4 Semesters

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