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EBS Business School

DBS & EBS Executive MBA

This programme is a part-time programme for experienced managers across all sectors of industry and professions. As well as scientists, engineers and lawyers with a university or “Fachhochschule” degree. It combines the strengths of both universities and long term experiences in executive development to provide an outstanding programme. Latest academic thinking focuses on providing practical support for organisations and executives and prepares them for new challenges in their business career.

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Executive MBA Health Care Management

The EMBA in Health Care Management is designed to qualify talented and ambitious health professionals who need, for efficiently handling their executive and managerial functions, a profound knowledge of General Management as well as current knowledge about Health Care Management. The programme enables the participants to realize the problems of the social security system and solve them effectively and efficiently.

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Master in Business Innovation

The participants of this program learn innovative management skills and gain an expensive knowledge of how to operate in the market. How to put innovation into practice is learned in various modules in order to gain interdisciplinary understanding of innovation development. Intercultural competences are built through a 9-day stay at two Asian Universities and an integrated E-learning module with Stanford University.

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