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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Master of Mergers & Acquisitions

Der Studiengang Mergers & Acquisitions richtet sich an Professionals, die überdurchschnittlich beruflich eingebunden sind, und deshalb ist er auch so konzipiert, dass er sich optimal damit vereinbaren lässt: Nach einer Einführungswoche treffen Sie sich mit Ihren Kommilitonen lediglich einmal im Monat am Campus der Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

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The Frankfurt MBA (full-time & part-time)

The Frankfurt MBA, available as full-time or part-time programme, builds on over 50 years of teaching and research at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and successful experience teaching Management Masters and Executive MBA classes. The MBA’s unique study model relies on the diverse corporate connections at Frankfurt School to give participants a smooth transition to their post-MBA careers. It follows the participant-centered-learning concept developed by Harvard Business School and covers the areas of management and leadership important for successful professional careers.

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MBA International Healthcare Management

In specially tailored modules, the MBA programme provides students with the specific knowledge and skills they need to master the intricacies of product design and innovation, manufacturing processes, quality control and marketing – all essential ingredients in the success of healthcare suppliers. The modules are taught in collaboration with key industry partners, giving students direct insights into the best practices in the industry.

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