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Royal Holloway School of Management

MSc Managing Digital Innovation (available from Sept 2017)

MSc Managing Digital Innovation (MDI) focuses on the knowledge and skills required to manage digital technologies in the development and delivery of business innovations. The programme will equip students with an in-depth understanding of how to integrate digital technologies such as mobile computing, enterprise systems, social media, and data analytics tools to innovate business practices. A key feature of the programme is the development of practical knowledge through industry connections and business case studies whilst providing a strong theoretical base on business management in the digital era.

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PhD Management

The School of Management has over 80 research-active academic staff, from more than 30 countries, covering the core areas of management as follows: Accounting, Finance and Economics Marketing Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship Technology and Information Management. Our PhD programme currently comprises around 85 students who make a very valued contribution to the School’s research culture and to a variety of teaching and learning activities.

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MSc Sustainability and Management

This innovative and highly-respected course will provide you with an important commodity for today’s employer; an interdisciplinary education. The MSc Sustainability and Management is taught jointly by the Department of Geography, which is recognised for expertise in the research and teaching of environmental and social sustainability and the School of Management, which has a long tradition of research into sustainable businesses and corporate social responsibility.

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MSc Business Information Systems

This innovative programme provides you with sound, theoretically informed and relevant knowledge of information and communications technologies and its use in key business and organisational settings. It also addresses the need in industry for executives to understand and appreciate the strategic value of such technology as a source of competitive advantage, both nationally and internationally.

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MSc International HRM

This programme provides you with a broad overview of the major areas of IHRM and employment relations policy within multinational companies. You will also focus on the unique managerial challenges which exist between and within, countries and the effect this has for companies operating in multiple countries. You will gain an understanding as to how organisations learn, create and utilise knowledge and respond to the competitive pressures in a globalising knowledge-based economy.

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MSc International Accounting

This is an innovative course, based on the research expertise of the School’s Accounting, Finance and Economics Research Group. It sets the theory and practice of accounting in the context of its social, political, natural and cultural environments. The course also incorporates contemporary financial and management accounting.

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MA Marketing

This programme is based on contemporary theory and case material which is challenging and innovative. Our academics have expertise in cutting edge consumer and culture industry research. You will gain an in-depth and critical understanding of a world increasingly defined by a culture of consumerism, and the role played by marketing activities in building strong customer relationships and business opportunities

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MSc International Management

This programme includes all the major management functions and will enable you to build effective management skills, understand management within the global context and develop a wide international network. It is an AMBA accredited programme and is particularly relevant if you did not study management as part of your undergraduate degree.

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MSc Entrepreneurship

This programme is designed to provide you with an understanding of the entrepreneurial processes at international, regional and national levels, as well as at the level of the community, the firm and the individual. You will gain key skills and knowledge required to develop your projects, from starting a new organisation to developing an entrepreneurial project within an organisation.

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MBA International Management

Our intensive one-year AMBA-accredited MBA programme is designed to help you build effective management skills, understand management within the global context and develop a network of international associates. The MBA evolves with the changing needs of a competitive economic environment and our teaching is based on high quality research.

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MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing

The MA Consumption, Culture & Marketing provides a uniquely interdisciplinary student experience that blends teaching both from a sociological and a marketing perspective. As such, students will become used to hearing disparate and sometimes conflicting ways of understanding the same phenomenon and hence will require reflexive and critical thinking.

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