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EBS Jurist

Was erwartet Sie bei uns? Der Studiengang setzt neue Standards in der Juristenausbildung. Oberste Priorität unseres Studiengangs hat die Erste juristische Prüfung nach vier Jahren (Freischuss). Bereits nach drei Jahren erhalten Sie Ihren ersten berufsqualifizierenden Abschluss Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Ergänzend können Sie die integrierten wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Studieninhalte mit einem Master of Arts in Business (MA) abschließen.

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Bachelor in General Management

The Bachelor of Science in General Management (GM) offers students a broad-based degree programme in business and management studies, which qualifies graduates for a career in business and management, and for Master’s degree programmes in this field.

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Bachelor in General Management – International Business Studies

Future generations of leaders must be equipped with the specialist, social and intercultural competences required to meet the challenges presented by the growing internationalization of business processes. The globalized employment market is in need of managers who, in addition to specialist professional competencies have, above all, the capacity to overcome cultural barriers. An extensive repertoire of skills ensuring successful cross-cultural behaviour is therefore essential.

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Durham & EBS Executive MBA

This programme is a part-time programme for experienced managers across all sectors of industry and professions. As well as scientists, engineers and lawyers with a university or “Fachhochschule” degree. It combines the strengths of both universities and long term experiences in executive development to provide an outstanding programme. Latest academic thinking focuses on providing practical support for organisations and executives and prepares them for new challenges in their business career.

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EBS Full-time MBA

The 18-month EBS Full-time MBA is designed to qualify young professionals who have at least three years of work experience. The programme is offered in cooperation with renowned universities in the emerging markets and prepares graduates for international management functions.

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Executive MBA Health Care Management

The EMBA in Health Care Management is designed to qualify talented and ambitious health professionals who need, for efficiently handling their executive and managerial functions, a profound knowledge of General Management as well as current knowledge about Health Care Management. The programme enables the participants to realize the problems of the social security system and solve them effectively and efficiently.

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Master in Automotive Management

Our Master's programme delivers cutting-edge education for an industry steeped in tradition. Students who graduate from EBS with the Master of Science (MSc) in Automotive Management are equipped with the skills to deal with both practical and scientific issues. They are excellent general managers with a strong automotive focus. All doors are open to you: You can choose to pursue academic development, yet at the same time you are qualified to take on strategic responsibilities.

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Master in Management

In the Master in Management programme students are able to choose from a wide range of attractive specialisms that equip them with further specialist knowledge and competencies. With a cross-sector qualification you are well prepared for a successful career in organizations of all shapes and sizes and across all industry sectors.

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Master in Finance

Finance is an extremely dynamic sector, it is also a very exciting one. A ”playground” for top players. Traditionally, the financial services industry seeks to recruit the brightest students, and it is still a very attractive destination. Today, there is a great demand not only for top qualified specialists with a broad knowledge base and – it goes without saying – international experience.

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Master in Real Estate

Real estate is the most important asset class in the world. A simple statement, but to the point. A statement that clearly shows how closely interlinked the real estate industry and financial markets are. There are a multitude of experts specialized in the one or other area, but there is a lack of managers who have a deep understanding of real estate issues paired with finance know-how. Generalists no longer meet these requirements.

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