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Master in European Business (MEB)

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Business, Internationale Ausrichtung, Management, Philologie, Sprachstudien

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Jessica Thater
Programme Manager
Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin
Target Group
The „Master in European Business“ programme is a 12-to-18-months full-time postgraduate course in International Management, carried out in two countries and normally in two languages. It is ideally suited for

  • graduates with a degree in disciplines other than business or management (e.g. law, engineering, languages, science or the humanities) and
  • graduates who have specialized in a certain business area (e.g. economics, computing science for economists) and who wish to enhance their management competence.
Key Features
These are the key features of the programme:

  • 12-to-18-months course in two countries
  • international participant cohorts: more than 40 nationalities in the current year
  • heterogeneous academic background of the participants: more than 20 disciplines in the current year
  • excellent lecturing: Triple Crown accreditation of the school / the programme by EMFD EMBA und EMFD MBA, EQUIS, and AACSB
  • acquirement of soft skills and
  • direct access to business practice: a compulsory internship, two company consultancy projects and case study work.
  • Faculty and staff of the ESCP Business School are proud to obtain the acknowledgement of this fact through accreditation by AACSB, EQUIS and EFMD EMBA and EFMD MBA (Triple Corwn). Now the ESCP Business School is the only transnational university in Germany which is both officially recognized and accredited by each of the three organizations.

    Programme versions (90 or 120 ECTS credits)
    To ensure that all MEB students will have achieved at least 300 ECTS credits (Bologna requirement) by the end of the Master programme, students holding a degree with at least 210 ECTS credits are invited to study the MEB programme in the 90 or 120 ECTS credits version. Students with a first degree which consist of less than 210 ECTS credits will be required to complete 30 extra ECTS credits. Therefore
    these students will need a minimum of 16 months to study. Between July and September two extra modules have to be successfully passed: the Research Methods module and the Master’s Thesis. This option is offered in Semester 2 at the Paris campus (French and English track) and the Berlin campus (German and English track).

    Master of European Business (90 ECTS credits)
    Master of European Business (120 ECTS credits, only possible after the second semester in Paris and Berlin)
    Master of Science (MSc) (only possible after the second semester in Berlin)

    Academic Calender
    The MEB programme is studied in two countries.

    1st semester locations:
    ESCP Business School in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid
    or Torino (national languages) and our partner university Management Development Institute (MDI) in Gurgaon near New Delhi (English).

    2nd semester locations:
    ESCP Business School Paris: English or French
    ESCP Business School Berlin: English or German
    ESCP Business School Madrid: English or Spanish
    ESCP Business School London and Torino and our partner universities Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), School of Management in Bangkok (English) and Tec de Monterrey (ITESM) (English)

    A company consulting project is offered in each semester. The MEB
    programme finishes with an internship (minimum 12 weeks).

    Start of Studies

    Management Courses
    The MEB programme has been characterized by growing success during the past 15 years. The following management courses are offered:

    First Semester

    • Introduction to European Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Operations Management
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Economics for Managers
    • Organisational Behaviour and Intercultural Management
    • Business Strategy
    • Computer Skills
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Company Consultancy Project 1
    • Additonal Modules
    • Computer Skills
    • Quantative Methods
    Second Semester:

    • International Management
    • Financial Strategy
    • Bying Behavior and New Product Development
    • Human Resources Management
    • Management Accounting
    • European Business Environment
    • European Business Law
    • Marketing Elective or Finance Elective
    • Company Consultancy Project II
    Third Semester (Paris and Berlin only):

    • Research Methods
    • Master’s Thesis

    Program Emphasis

    • State-of-the-art-in international business and management
    • experience-oriented acquisition of intercultural competency
    • international faculty
    • cross-border learning
    • acquirement of soft-skills and
    • high experience-orientation


    Requirements / Application

    Potential MEB participants have to meet the following requirements.
    • A university degree or equivalent overseas qualification in any discipline (B.A.-, B.Sc.-, M.A.-, or M.Sc.-degree, or corresponding certificates from other countries)
    • GMAT score or you can alternatively take a test of the company SHL during our admission test days
    • Successful participation in the entrance exams, including a good command of the languages in which the programme is taught
    • Professional experience is not required.
    No matter where you wish to study — you can apply for whichever combination at each ESCP Business School campus, e.g. you can apply in Berlin and choose the combination of Paris and Bangkok or London and Monterrey. Please note that the entrance exam has to be passed at the campus of application.

    To apply for the MEB-programme please send us the following application documents:

    • the fully and correctly completed application form (please download from: -> Download,
    • certified copies of each of the following certificates: B.A.-, B.Sc.-, M.A.-, or M.Sc.-degree, A-levels, or corresponding certificates from other countries,
    • a GMAT score or you can alternatively take a test of the company SHL during our admission test days
    • a document displaying the duration/ECTS credits of your first degree
    • photocopy of your internship certificates
    • photocopy of the identity card or the passport,
    • two passport sized photos (please send of them by e-mail),
    • proof of transfer of the admission fee (150,- Euro to be transferred to Deutsche Bank, ESCP Business School Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin, Surname, First name, MEB programme, Account number: 911 21 11, Bank code number: 100 700 24, IBAN: DE78 1007 0024 0911 2111 00, BIC: DEUTDEDBBER), and
    •  a Curriculum Vitae.
    The quality of your written application is vital for the decision whether you are invited to the admission procedure. In case you are still studying for your first degree, we advise you to apply nevertheless, as long as you make sure that you have completed your degree before the start of the MEB programme in September. You are expected to furnish a document from your school confirming the completion of your course of study.


    1. Submittal of your application documents.
    2. Directly after having received your documents, we will send you a confirmation via mail or e-mail acknowledging receipt of your complete documents. Please note that we cannot accept incomplete applications!
    3. It will take us approximately two weeks to assess your documents. You will receive an invitation if the quality of your documents meets our requirements.
    4. The application procedure (entrance exam) takes place.
    5. Not less than three weeks after the entrance exam we will inform you about your results and about your admission.
    6. In case of acceptance, you will get a confirmation of participation, which you should return with your signature immediately. Furthermore, you would be asked to make a prepayment of tuition fees (2,000 €) during the following two weeks.
    7. Only after receipt of the signed confirmation of participation and the prepayment, we will reserve the place in the MEB programme for you.

    Important Dates

    Please visit our website for the current admission dates!

    Tuition / Fees

    For information about fees and tuition please visit our website.

    Financial Aid

    For information about scholarships please visit our website.

    Duration of study

    MEB 90 ECTS credits: 12 months
    MEB 120 ECTS Credits: 18 months
    MSc 120 ECTS Credits: 18 months

    Career Perspective

    An employment survey of the MEB class of 2008 was completed in May 2009 and found that 6 months after graduation 87% of graduates were employed. 46% work in a country other than their country of origin. 83% work in an international position. This reflects the strengths of the MEB programme: the student body is very international (no nationality greater than 25% of the total): students study in 2 countries. The average starting salary upon graduation was EURO 41,481. MEB graduates found employment in a variety of sectors: 14% in finance or accountancy / 19% in consulting / 31% marketing or sales / 36% in a broad range of functions. Finally, 95% of the class of 2008 stated they would recommend the programme. Among the reasons given: the added value of the programme (a second set of skills complementing the first degree): a strong international profile and the strength of the School’s reputation in looking for a job.

    Partner universities
    AIT, Bangkok (Thailand), ITESM, Monterrey (Mexico), MDI, Gurgaon (India)


    Participants in the MEB-programme are usually academics with a degree in a discipline other than business or management, but it is also designed for graduates who have specialized in a specific business area and wish to enhance their international management skills. Furthermore, our participants’ profile for this programme is very international. Currently we have participants from more than 40 countries. Finally the participants’ background is very heterogeneous in terms of their first degrees.

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