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Master in Management & Innovation at the Heilbronn Campus

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Master, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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Program Emphasis
Entrepreneurship, General Management, Innovation, International Management, Technology

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Dagmar Diemer
Program Manager
The TUM Track kicks off with courses in general management at TUM Campus Heilbronn. These are accompanied by courses such as personal and career development, language courses or a mentoring program. During the second semester you have the chance to apply your knowledge in a real-life project at one of the family-run businesses in the Heilbronn-Franken region, gain international experience during a 4-week stay in China, and either complete an internship abroad or take elective modules at TUM Campus Heilbronn.

The Double Degree Track leads to a double degree from two of Europe’s most renowned universities, TUM and HEC Paris. You spend your first two semesters at HEC Paris taking courses in general management such as Financial Accounting, Marketing or Operations & Supply Chain Management – the Master in Management program at HEC Paris was ranked second in the world by the Financial Times in 2017. These courses are complemented by language classes, networking events and other extracurricular activities.

Whichever track you follow, you spend your third semester in Munich taking course modules such as Innovation Prototyping, Technological Trends and Growth Strategies & Business Models. You further develop your personal and leadership skills and work on a real-life project in a startup or large enterprise in the Munich area. The fourth semester is reserved for writing your Master’s thesis.

Program Emphasis

  • Study in a small group with individual feedback
  • Dive deep into technology and innovation management
  • Discover the latest technological trends and their impact on modern management
  • Learn about general management, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Apply your knowledge in real projects in different kinds of organizations
  • Gain international experience and be part of a diverse group of young professionals
  • Benefit from a number of additional offers to enrich your profile and increase your attractiveness for your future employer


Requirements / Application

  • Young professionals with first work experience (minimum one year)
  • First university degree (Bachelor or equivalent) in any field
  • Proof of profiency in English
  • Double Degree Track: GMAT or GRE or TAGE MAGE

Important Dates

Start of program:
TUM Track: October
Double Degree Tracks: September

Tuition / Fees

Double Degree Track: EUR 38,875 plus student union fees
TUM Track: EUR 28,000 plus student union fees

Financial Aid

We don't offer any scholarships

Duration of study

4 Semester (incl. Master’s Thesis)

Career Perspective

After attending this program, students will be highly attractive for potential eployers, since in-depth knowledge at the interface between management and technology is highly in demand in the business world.


National / International Students

Age average: 24 years (when students start the Master in Management & Innovation)
55% German students, 45% interational students

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