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Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration with a Major in Tourism & Hospitality Management

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Bachelor, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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Tourism & Hospitality Management

Program Emphasis
Tourism & Hospitality Management

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Prof. Dr. Fabian Weber
Head of Major
Lucerne School of Business (Hochschule Luzern – Wirtschaft)
Zentralstrasse 9
Postfach 2940
6002 Lucerne
The major in tourism & hospitality management focuses on the business and management principles that apply to the travel and tourism industry and includes topics relating to digital tourism, ecotourism, and sustainability. It is especially suited for those interested in destination, hotel, or tour operator management. The course covers topics such as hospitality management, health tourism, sport and destination management, tourism product development, and international tourism markets.

Program Emphasis

Tourism & Hospitality Management


Requirements / Application

Applicants to the Bachelor in International Business Administration must:

  • have a higher secondary education certificate qualifying the holder for studies at university level in his or her country of origin (Swiss students: ‘Berufsmaturität Ausrichtung Wirtschaft/Dienstleistungen’ or ‘Gymnasiale Matura’).
  • applicants from non-European countries admission requirements differ by country. For a list of additional admission criteria please consult the swissuniversities website.
  • have a minimum of one year's qualified full-time work experience in a business-related area (Swiss students: Persons with a ‘Kaufmännische Berufslehre’ fulfill this requirement)
  • provide evidence of English proficiency corresponding to at least level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference, if they are non-native speakers of English. Such evidence must be available by the end of July at the latest. 'Academic IELTS' or 'TOEFL' should have first priority for students who are considering the possibility of an overseas exchange semester as a part of their degree programme, as these certificates are often a prerequisite for acceptance by host institutions.

Important Dates

Study starting in autumn:
30 April

Info Sessions

Tuition / Fees

Enrolment fee: CHF 200.-
Semester fee: CHF 800.-

Duration of study

6 semesters on the full-time track
8 semesters on the work-study or part-time track

Career Perspective

Graduates of our tourism bachelor programme obtain a relevant education, which qualifies them for a wide range of employment opportunities. While popular graduate career paths typically include working in a leading position in the management of destinations or of tourist associations, this is only part of the story: the fact that our graduates’ expertise in tourism is solidly anchored in the principles of business administration equips them with the prerequisites for exciting employment opportunities in many areas outside tourism.

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