How to OverREACH oneself – a Critical View on the EU Commisions’s Estimate of the Health Benefits of ist New Chemical Policy

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The European Commision has recently agreed upon and put forward a proposal for a new EU regulatory framework for chemicals. The proposed new system, called REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), will require enterprises that manufacture or import more than one tonne of a chemical substance per year to register this substance in a central database and to provide safety information on the substance to a central agency and to customers. In addition, companies that produce and import chemicals will have to access the risks arising from their use and take the necessary measures to manage any risk they find. Substances of „high concern“ will require authorisation for their use by the Commision, with „no authorisation“ implying restrictions of various kind. Including a complete removal from the European market. „REACH is a groundbreaking proposal“, as European Commisioner Margot Wallström said in an EU press release. „Once adopted, it will allow us to take advantage of the benefits of chemicals without exposing ourselves and the environment to risks. Thus it will create a win-win situation for industry, workers and citizens, and our ecosystem. It will give Europe’s citizens the high level of protection that they have the right to expect. The EU will have one of the most progressive chemicals management systems in the world.“

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