The EMBG Reference Model on Electronic Markets: The Korean Case of Jodal

Fachartikel 43

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Dorian Selz, Eun Kim, Bumtae Kim


The Reference Model on Electronic Markets was developed to provide an overview of the different organizational as well as technical aspects one should pay attention to when assembling a comprehensive Electronic Commerce System. The model was developed by the Electronic Business Media Group (EBMG) at the Institute for Information Management (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland).

In this paper we are applying the Reference Model on Electronic Markets onto the special case of the JODAL project that deals with the continuos IT-support of the procurement process within the public sector in Korea. In the end, one of the JODAL aims will be the integration of existing EDI procedures with newly built-up EC applications on the Internet. So far, only big companies could afford to apply EDI effectively. The focus of the current project is to connect as many business partners as possible (also small and medium-sized companies) to the new EC-system, at the same time reducing the importance of the monopolistic VANS structures.

The project is carried out by the NCA (National Computerization Agency of Korea). The NCA is one of the promoters of EDI in the public sector in Korea. It fulfils tasks similar to the Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency (CCTA) in the UK or the National Computer Board (NCB) in Singapore.

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