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Get that Job! Applying and Interviewing for Jobs in English


Are you considering career opportunities with internationally orientated firms and institutions? Then you may need to submit application materials and participate in interviews in English. That is where this lecture is meant to help. Its goal is to highlight dos and don’ts regarding the curriculum vitae and cover letter and to provide insights into presenting yourself convincingly in the English-language interview. Selected differences between British and American practices will also be addressed. The lecture will be held in English by a native speaker, and any questions you may have are certainly welcome both during and after the talk.

Lecturer: Andrew Cerniski has been training university students in job-application skills for over fifteen years. For ten years he was head of the business English program of the Frankfurt branch of City University of Bellevue, Washington State. Since 2002 he has managed English, Inc., a Heidelberg-based provider of business English training to companies. He holds degrees in English literature, creative writing and business administration.


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