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"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants" – Coco Chanel

Are you ready to meet some game changers and hear of their different perspectives:

Viktoria Schnaderbeck, keynote speaker, consultant and famous footballer

At the age of 7, when football came into my life, I wouldn’t have dreamed of representing Bayern Munich, Arsenal London or the Austrian national team as a captain. Now, more than 20 years later, I am still living my dream and have experienced all the highs and lows in football. I always try to push myself not only on but also off the pitch. Alongside my career I have finished an apprenticeship in an advertisement agency, done my Bachelor in sports management, my Master in business psychology and I currently work as a keynote speaker and consultant besides my football career.

Gudrun Stangl, partner and COO at Schoenherr Attorneys at Law
Building a successful career as a transactional lawyer takes great perseverance, resilience, and sometimes the ability to redefine your role as a professional within an organisation. Gudrun Stangl is a woman only too familiar with this reality. Partner and COO at Schoenherr Attorneys at Law, and a mum, Gudrun knows how to take on change with courage. Shifting her career path when she became COO at Schoenherr significantly transformed her professional setup, benefitting the company and bringing personal growth and satisfaction too. Gudrun's overall success as an inspirational leader is evident in the fulfilment she gets from enabling people to develop their skills beyond their education.

Alexandra Florea, private equity senior, executive coach and university lecturer
Alex divides her working time between her “day job” in private equity and several “side/passion gigs” as an executive coach, columnist and university lecturer. She became a coach right after finishing an Executive MBA at London Business School, where she realised that business is much more about what makes people tick than about numbers and charts. A mother of two and former partner in an international law firm, she has 20 years' experience of working in high-paced, high-pressure environments - which has made her all the more passionate about figuring out how we can build fulfilling, engaged and values-based lives where professional success and a thriving personal life are mutually supportive.

  • How to reinvent the rules and change the system from the inside as Gudrun did when she took on the COO position and became an equity partner at Schoenherr, changing not only her career, but her professional environment and using her position to enable people to develop their skills beyond their education
  • How to create a professional career when all doors seem closed - as Viktoria did when, as a child, she had to blaze a trail at a time where there were no girls’ football teams and girls had no access to training academies or other professional opportunities
  • How to find professional fulfillment while following one’s own authentic rulebook and reinventing oneself mid-career to create a “mix-and-match” path that allows you to explore interests beyond your core profession, as well as combine a challenging professional life with motherhood - as Alexandra has been doing since leaving law
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