Proceedings of the Ninth Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets 2002

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Background of the Ninth Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets (RSEEM)
The Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets (RSEEM) is an annual event destined to provide a forum for researchers for presentation and discussion of their current and ongoing work. In order to stimulate a lively discussion, the number of participants has traditionally been limited to 30 people. In 2002, we had two focus topics:

E-Procurement and the Future of Electronic Markets
Compared to recent years, we wanted to further extend time for discussion. The forum serves two purposes. First of all it provides a platform for doctoral students to present their ideas and receive feedback from an international audience. Ongoing Ph.D. theses and projects are presented by junior researchers and input is given by the other participants. Besides, we asked for short presentations of visions of the future followed by a moderated discussion among the participants. Such discussions hold the potential of resulting into ideas for future (joint) projects. This second type of exchange underlines the aspect of "emerging" markets as suggested by the conference title.
In 2002, one of the focus topics is "E-Procurement" - the topic of bringing together vendors and buyers. E-Procurement systems support the internal processes for the purchase of products and services. The transfer of electronic product catalogues from the sell-side to the buy-side is one of today's main challenges in electronic commerce. A specific challenge is bridging the gap between companies using common formats and protocols.

Contributions are grouped into sessions covering the following topics:

- Business Models for Electronic Markets
- Market Fundamentals
- E-Procurement
- Electronic Contracting
- Case Studies
- Personalization of E-Commerce Applications
- Outlook

All paper submissions to RSEEM 2002 represent the original work of the authors. There were no rigid guidelines regarding paper size for the final papers. We asked to submit between 4 and 12 pages. The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Basel was proud to host RSEEM in 2002. We would like to thank all authors for their valuable contributions. The proceedings feature a couple of highly interesting papers in the dynamic field of Electronic Commerce.

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