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Why you should study a year abroad

Why you should study a year abroad
On our BSc International Management degree, you will spend your third year on exchange.

With 35 partner institutions across 13 countries and optional language study, this course allows you to witness first-hand how business operates across the globe, going beyond theory and diving into the real-world experience.

Think on a global scale

Build upon the theoretical foundation provided by the programme by discovering first-hand how business and management practice differs by country and culture. Attending lectures and integrating into the activities of your exchange institution provides the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your exchange year.

You can even learn the language of your exchange location by taking up to 20 credits of language course units.

Increased earning and employability

Our International Management programme takes you to places that other programmes don’t. 97% of our exchange students achieved 1st or 2:1 in 2023. This course assists students in their career prospects and enhances their personal and professional development. Furthermore, HEFCE reported that students who had studied abroad saw an 8.3% increase in earning potential.

Studying abroad also provides a unique networking opportunity, and many BSc International Management graduates have gone on to work abroad following graduation.

Thrive in any environment

“My exchange year in Italy is by far the most challenging year. I was challenged through so many different things, however, I really appreciate my year in Italy since it not only gave me an advantage in job hunting and future career planning, but most importantly, it really made me stronger and more independent, and made me who I am right now.” says Tung Chin, who is on exchange at Bocconi University, Italy.

Your passport to global opportunities

“The BSc International Management programme helps AMBS students in their career prospects, personal and professional development. The International Management programme gets you to places other programmes don’t.” says Eunice Maytorena-sanchez, Programme Director.
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