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Business Administration



A. B. Freeman School of Business
Goldring/Woldenberg Hall
7 McAlister Drive
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


Freeman School of Business
Office of Graduate Admissions
Tulane University
7 McAlister, Suite 410
New Orleans, LA 70118
Freeman's full-time program begins with an intensive program designed to enable you to discover Freeman's global perspectives, peers, and opportunities in one of the world's premier MBA programs. The two-year MBA features an intensive set of core courses delivered in a team setting and electives that build on the core topics and enable you to focus on your potential. Global Leadership classes each semester focus on one region of the global economy and wrap up with a excursions to Mexico, France and China where final class sessions and presentations are made. A challenging management strategy series delivered over the two years of the MBA program take the emerging manager from business valuation to strategic planning. These modules, when combined with the concentrations, the faculty, and the experience, create for the Tulane MBA, a truly unique MBA experience.

Requirements / Application

To apply to the MBA program you should utilize the on-line application. For your reference, a PDF of the electronic application is provided. All documents should be submitted electronically. Where possible, documents should be downloaded to the application. Official documents (transcripts) are submitted after admission with other forms for enrollment.

Naturally, we encourage you to complete your application as early in the year as possible. Often entering students are required to complete requirements during the summer before starting the MBA program. The Full-time MBA program starts in early August. Many students participate in special summer sessions designed to improve language or quantitative skills. Applicants to joint degree programs should contact the appropriate schools to assure all application requirements are met.


In general, the Freeman School seeks MBA candidates who are prepared to move up in their careers, possess strong academic ability, and an appreciation for the opportunities provided by the global marketplace. Every Freeman MBA graduates with a unique understanding of the World in which we operate, and an extremely effective understanding of the practical skills that are instrumental in management success.


In addition to a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business, the Freeman MBA offers three areas of concentration: Finance, Marketing, and Strategic Management and Leadership. These concentrations involve completing core classes plus 12 credit hours of elective course work.

Concentrations allow you to focus your studies and develop skills in an area of business consonant with your career objectives. Consistent with the Freeman School's philosophy of the nature of business in a global economy, each full-time MBA student develops a supporting concentration in international business through the global leadership module optional specializations in energy and entrepreneurship are available.

From the generalist perspective of core classes to the sharply focused content of electives, the Freeman School delivers an MBA curriculum that is dynamic, interactive, flexible, and, above all, focused on your ultimate career goals.

Kosten und Gebühren

All graduate business programs are billed based on the number of hours for which you are enrolled.


Merit Aid

Annually, the Freeman School awards over $2.2 Million in merit-based fellowships. For both domestic and international MBA applicants, the notification of award is included in the letter of admission. Merit awards are intended to encourage academic excellence and enhance the quality of the Freeman School programs by bringing the best and brightest to Tulane. Dependent upon the type of fellowship offered, specific terms may apply and are included the admissions notification letter.

Dauer des Studiums

22 months

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