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Zertifikat, Executive Education

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Business Administration, Financial Management, Management, Marketing, Personalmanagement / Human Resources

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General Management Programme
Accompagner la transformation digitale des entreprises, Certificat
Blockchain Competence for Innovation
Business Competence Programme, Certificate
Cadre supérieur de santé, Certificat
Certified Human Rights Officer, Certificate
Data Sciences, Certificat
Decision Making: Fast and Easy, Online Masterclass
Direction commerciale, Certificat
Driving Digital Transformation
Wirkungsvolle Führung – Mitarbeitende und Teams motivieren, Leadership Training
Executive Coaching, Certificat
Executive Development, Certificate
Finance d'entreprise, Certificat
Finance pour non-financiers, Programme court
Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Certificate
Identity. Innovation. Impact., Zertifikatskurs
Innovation, Certificat
Integrating Human Rights into Business, Online Certificates
Integrating Human Rights into Business Operations, Online Certificate
Integrating Human Rights into Global Value Chains, Online Certificate
Integration of multiple legal, Industry and International Standards, Online Certificate
International Business, Online Advanced Certificate
International Business Programme, Certificate
International Digital Business, Online Certificate
International Finance, Online Certificate
International Marketing, Online Certificate
International Operations, Online Certificate
Leader de l'économie circulaire
Leadership in Business, Politics and Society, Certificate
LGBT+ Leadership, Certificate
Management et diagnostic d'entreprise, Certificat
Management médical – Gestion hospitalière, Certificat
Management stratégique de l'entreprise, Certificat
Management, contrôle interne et maîtrise des risques, Certificat
Manager 4.0, Certificat
Manager des projets avec succès, Certificat
Manager en leader, Certificat
Marketing digital, Certificate
Metaverse for Business, Online
Moving Tomorrow – An Intercultural Journey, Serious Game
Negotiating wise agreements, Masterclass
People and International Organisations Management, Online Certificate
Problem Solving and Decision Making, Certificat
Real Estate and ESG, Executive Programme
Real Estate Finance and Investments, Certificate
Résilience et Leadership du Manager de Demain, Certificat
Réussir son bilan carbone et sa stratégie climat d’entreprise, Certificat
Strategic Agile Management for Business, Certificat
Strategic Project Management, Certificat
Strategy and Decision-Making in Business, Politics and Society, Certificate
Sustainable Business Design
Transformation digitale, Transformation digitale
Developing entrepreneurial leaders to make transformation happen, U-School
Transparency, Stakeholder Engagement and Remediation, Online Certificate
Women in Leadership, Certificate

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