Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Schmid

Professor - aktiv

Position / Amtsbezeichnung
Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Quantitative Methoden
insb. Statistik
Statistics in Finance
Statistical Process Control
Environmental Statistics
Ort / PLZ
15230 Frankfurt/Oder
Große Scharrnstraße 59


Ausgewählte Publikationen

On the structure and estimation of hierarchical Archimedian copulas, submitted for publication, 2009 (with O. Okhrin and Y. Okhrin).

Nonlinear locally weighted kriging prediction for spatio-temporal environmental processes, to appear in Environmetrics, 2009 (with O. Bodnar).

Multivariate CUSUM chart: properties and enhancements, to appear in AStA - Advances in Statistical Analysis, 2009 (with V. Golosnoy and S. Ragulin).

Discussion on "Optimal Sequential Surveillance for Finance, Public Health, and Other Areas" by M. Frisen, to appear in Sequential Analysis, 2009 (with O. Bodnar).

Misleading signals in simultaneous residual schemes for the mean and the variance of a stationary process, to appear in Communications in Statistics, 2009 (with S. Knoth, M. C. Morais und A. Pacheco).

New characteristics for portfolio surveillance, to appear in Statistics (with V. Golosnoy und I. Okhrin), 2009.

Econometrical analysis of the sample efficient frontier, The European Journal of Finance, 15, 317-335, 2009 (with T. Bodnar).

Statistical inference of the efficient frontier for dependent asset returns, Statistical Papers, 50, 593-604, 2009 (with T. Bodnar and T. Zabolotskyy).

Asset allocation with distorted probability and transaction costs, European Journal of Operational Research, 194, 236-249, 2009 (with R. Kozhan).

Estimation of optimal portfolio compositions for Gaussian returns, Statistics & Decisions, 26, 179-201, 2008 (with T. Bodnar).

Comparing air quality among Italy, Germany, and Poland using BC indexes, Atmospheric Environment, 42, 8412-8421, 2008 (with O. Bodnar, M. Cameletti und A. Fasso).

Discussion on "Is Average Run Length to False Alarm always an Informative Criterion?" by Y. Mei, Sequential Analysis, 27, 392-395, 2008 (with S. Knoth).

EWMA charts for multivariate output: some stochastic ordering results, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 37, 2653-2663, 2008 (with M.C. Morais, Y. Okhrin and A. Pacheco).

Estimation of the optimal portfolio weights, International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, 11, 249-276, 2008 (with Y. Okhrin).

On the existence of unbiasedestimators for the portfolio weights, AStA - Advances in Statistical Analysis, 92, 29-34, 2007 (with T. Zabolotskyy).

A test for the weights of the global minimum variance portfolio in an elliptical model, Metrika, 67, 127-143, 2008 (with T. Bodnar).

Surveillance of the mean behaviour of multivariate time series, Statistica Neerlandica, 61, p.383-406, 2007 (with O. Bodnar).

On the stochastic behaviour of the run length of EWMA control schemes for the mean of correlated output in the presence of shifts in sigma, Statistics & Decisions, 24, p.397-413, 2007 (with M.C. Morais, Y. Okhrin and A. Pacheco).

Comparison of different estimation techniques for portfolio selection, Advances in Statistical Analysis (AStA) 91, p.109-127, 2007 (with Y. Okhrin).

EWMA control charts for monitoring optimal portfolio weights, Sequential Analysis, 26, p.195-224, 2007 (with V. Golosnoy).

The distribution of the sample variance of the global minimum variance portfolio in elliptical models, Statistics, 41, p.65-75, 2007 (with T. Bodnar).

Eighty years of control charts, Sequential Analysis 26, p.117-122, 2007.

Discussion on "Sequential Design and Estimation in Heteroscedastic Nonparametric Regression" by S. Efromovich, Sequential Analysis, 26, 53-55, 2007 (with Y. Okhrin).

Distributional properties of portfolio weights, Journal of Econometrics, 134, p.235-256, 2006 (with Y. Okhrin).

EWMA charts for monitoring the mean and autocovariances of stationary processes, Statistical Papers, 47, p.595-630, 2006 (with M. Rosolowski).

Multivariate control charts based on a projection approach, Journal of the German Statistical Society (ASTA), 89, p.75-93, 2005 (with O. Bodnar).

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