Prof. Dr. Enno Mammen

Professor - aktiv

Position / Amtsbezeichnung
Universität Mannheim
Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft und Volkswirtschaftslehre
Abteilung Volkswirtschaftslehre
Ort / PLZ
68131 Mannheim


Publications and Preprints


[1] Approximation von Binomialexperimenten durch Gaußexperimente.Diplomarbeit, University of Heidelberg.


[2] The increase of information due to additional observations in thecase of asymptotically Gaussian experiments. Preprint Nr. 148, SFB 123,University of Heidelberg.


[3] Die statistische Information zusätzlicher Beobachtungen.Dissertation, University of Heidelberg.

[4] Asymptotic power comparison of one-sided tests. Preprint Nr. 298,SFB 123, University of Heidelberg, ( with W.Ehm, D.W.Müller and W.Sauermann).


[5] The statistical information contained in additional observations.Ann. Statist. 14 , 665 - 678.


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[8] A nonparametric regression estimator based on simple assumptionson the shape of the regression function. In: Proceedings of theInternational Workshop on Theory and Practice in Data Analysis,Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Berlin, p. 35 - 41.


[9] On the relation between asymptotic normality and consistency ofbootstrap. Preprint SFB 123, University of Heidelberg.

[10] A short note on optimal bandwidth selection for kernelestimators. Statist. Probab. Lett. 9, 23 - 25.


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[46] Evaluating the C-CAPM and the equity premium puzzle at short andlong horizons. Preprint. (with T. Engsted and C. Tanggaard)

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[72] Smooth backfitting in generalized additive models. Ann. Statist., to appear (with K. Yu and B. U.Park)

[73] A general approach to the predictability issue in survival analysis with applications. Biometrika , to appear (with J. P. Nielsen)

[74] Additive Isotone Regression. IMS Lecture Notes, to appear (with K. Yu)

[75] Identification of Marginal Effects in Nonseparable Models without Monotonicity. Econometrica, to appear (with S. Hoderlein)

[76] Nonparametric Transformation to White Noise. J. of Econometrics, to appear (with O. Linton)

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[79] Small time Edgeworth-type expansions for weakly convergent nonhomogenous Markov chains. preprint (with V. Konakov)

[80] Fully Automatic Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Regression With Correlated Errors. preprint (with Y. K. Lee and B. Park)

[81] Oracle-efficient estimation of an additive model with an unknown link function. preprint (with J. Horowitz)

[82] Time Series Modelling with Semiparametric Factor Dynamics. preprint (with S. Borak, W. Härdle and B. Park)

[83] Additivity Tests Based on Smooth Backfitting. preprint (with S. Sperlich)

[84] Nonparametric Additive Regression for Repeatedly Measured Data. preprint (with K. Yu, R. Carroll and A. Maity)

[85] Reconsidering the Random Coefficient Model. preprint (with S. Hoderlein and J. Klemelä)

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