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How to convince your employer to support your master studies

How to convince your employer to support your master studies
First-hand advice from recruiters, alumni and students

Have you been thinking about deepening your management knowledge while keeping the benefits of a full-time job? A part-time master’s or MBA program can do just that. However, there’s still one challenge to master before you take the next step in your educational journey. You need to convince your employer to support your master studies.

How to receive support for master studies from employer

You are probably keen on figuring out exactly HOW you can get your employer on your side. Of course, you don’t want to appear ungrateful or like you don’t enjoy your work. You’ll also want to avoid asking too early in your work-relationship or running out of reasons why a part-time program is also of value to the company. On top of it, it might seem a little unclear what the unspoken company laws are of communicating such a big ask of your employer.

Prepare for the meeting to avoid these mistakes

There’s always the option of hoping for the best and winging it. Doing a little research online and jotting down a few plus points in your mind. That might work. But more likely it will land you in an uncomfortable situation of not really knowing how to push your point. Worse case it might make you look rather unprofessional.

Can you answer these 10 FAQs?
  • 1. How do I get my employer on board at an early stage?
  • 2. Who will be making the decision?
  • 3. What level of support already exists?
  • 4. How do I persuade with content?
  • 5. How do I emphasize the benefits of my company?
  • 6. Why HHL? Convince your employer about the quality of the program before talking about time and money.
  • 7. What does my medium-term development look like in my company?
  • 8. What commitment am I asking for?
  • 9. What commitment will I give?
  • 10. Do I have all my facts assembled?
Let’s save you that struggle! We have a whole webinar filled with advice and facts to help you move ahead in your career. We asked part-time Master in Management student Daniel Kleinmeier, and part-time MBA alumni Gerrit Doye, to tell us how they succeeded in convincing their employer. Not only that, but we also asked the program managers to join the conversation, adding their experience and guiding you through 10 frequently asked questions.

Get the full guide to convince your employer

Sign up to access the replay of the FREE webinar to hear exactly what worked (and didn’t work) for HHL students who successfully got their employers on board.

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