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SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management

Fact sheet

Master, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Taught language
Deutsch, Englisch


Program Emphasis
Business, Internationale Ausrichtung, Management, Praxisbezug, Spezialisierung in allen Bereichen des Sales Management, zusätzliche Sprachkurse

Course options
Full-time study

Berlin, Paris


Contact person
Martina Seikat
Recruitment and Admissions Manager
Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 | International Sales Management
Unlock a dynamic and versatile career in Sales Management and be a key player in successful organisations

Objectives of the programme

Like other elements of business, the selling and sales management landscape in the 21st century is constantly evolving thanks to significant technological, economic, and social forces. Artificial intelligence, globalisation, social media and digitalisation are just a few aspects contributing to highly competitive and complex markets nowadays.

Yet, what hasn’t changed is that without customers, there is no business. Due to the importance of the sales function in any growth-oriented and results-focused organisation, agile, ambitious, and culturally adept sales professionals are always in high demand — especially if you see yourself in leadership as a part of your career trajectory.

The Master of Science in International Sales Management at ESCP is one-of-a-kind programme that prepares you to:

  • Master sales techniques and fundamentals as you learn to lead and manage salespeople, teams, and processes
  • Leverage digital technologies in the evolving and complex sales and marketing environment
  • Bring an intercultural perspective and approach to your company and career
As a student in Berlin and Paris, two vibrant European cities, learning with peers from around the world and taught by ESCP’s diverse faculty, you’ll strengthen the intercultural intelligence and competencies that are key to an international business career.

A foundation in international sales management opens you up to a wide range of job opportunities, with outstanding salary levels and rapid career advancement. Choosing this Master programme equips you with versatile and relevant skills that will serve you throughout your career in any industry, company, or country.

Program Emphasis

Mastering the selling function, managing a sales force, designing and managing channels of distribution, mastering selling & sales challenges in the face of globalization

Course structure

  • Lecture based learning on state-of-the art knowledge in behavioural foundations, selling & sales techniques, international business, sales force management, and channel & distribution management.
  • Project-based practicing of contemporary consulting procedures in the field of selling & sales
  • Elective courses in the field of strategy and in functional management specialisations
  • Preparatory courses for planning and conducting a research thesis
  • Compulsory courses for two foreign languages (different levels) and personal career development


Requirements / Application

  • A Bachelor degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS from a state accredited institution of Higher Education i.e university
  • A university background preferably in economics, social or natural science, or engineering
  • *(Students from a non-business/economics background are required to participate in a preparatory course prior to the start of the programme. This course includes the fields Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics and Controlling)
  • Fluency in English: Cambridge C1 certificate, TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores, or English test on campus
  • Work experience not required (if given, a maximum of 2 years is recommended)

Important Dates

Start: September

Tuition / Fees

Application Fees
The application fees are set at €130. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Fees
For those entering in September 2024, the fees for the two-year programme are as follows:
  • Tuition fee: €14,670 per year
  • Service fee: €1,000 per year

Duration of study

24 months (six trimesters) including an internship (three months) and a Master thesis (three months)

Career Perspective

Global business is big and getting bigger all the time. In 1950, cross-border trade represented about 20% of global production. Today, it’s over 50%.* As a graduate with a SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management degree from ESCP, you’ll be well placed to take a position as an international sales executive for a multinational company, an international key account manager, or a country sales director. *Our World in

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