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Ph. D. Doctoral Programmes

Fact sheet

Ph.D., Dr. rer. pol.

Taught language
Deutsch, Englisch


Program Emphasis

Course options
Part-time study



Contact person
Prof. Dr. Rolf Brühl
Programme Director
ESCP Europe
Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin


Contact person
Fabian Felten
Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin
The ESCP Business School Berlin Doctoral Programme is designed for post graduate students aiming to further develop their research abilities.

In order to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to compose an excellent doctoral thesis, ESCP Business School has designed a special programme, the attendance of which is mandatory. It takes place during the first year and comprises ten courses which are accompanied by different kinds of workload. This workload ranges from papers and presentations to exams.
The program is not only designed to provide the basis for an excellent dissertation, but also to prepare for a career in science.

During the course of the programme students have the opportunity to conduct a research stay abroad.

Program Emphasis

The ESCP Business School doctoral program covers many science and business related topics. This will give the students the scientific basis they need for an excellent dissertation. A special emphasis is placed on cross-cultural research and international business.


Requirements / Application

ESCP expects from its young scientists outstanding academic work and provides an optimal supervisory relationship. Therefore, the approval process for the doctoral program is highly selective. The programme has an annual intake of around ten participants from different courses of study. About 35 doctoral students are currently being supervised at ESCP Berlin Campus.

University degree in Business Administration or Economics
University degree in Business Administration or Economics (Graduate Diploma or Master/Magister) rated good or higher; further requirements apply to graduates of other subjects as well as to applicants from other institutions of higher education. The relevant provisions can be found in our PhD regulations (paragraph 3).

High level of proficiency in German and English
The seminars of the doctoral programme will be offered primarily in German, partially in English; proficiency in further languages if research visits abroad are planned.

Important Dates

Intake: An annual intake of around ten participants from different courses of study.

Tuition / Fees

Annual Fee (3 years): 2.000€
Registration Fee (for admission): 105€
Final exam (disputation): 2.000€

Duration of study

3 years.
In the first year all the students have to attend several courses.
In the second and third year the students are supposed to write their dissertation.

Career Perspective

The ESCP Business School doctoral program is designed to help students write excellent dissertations. This will prepare them for a career in science and business as well.

Recruiter's Guide
Every year our campuses offer exclusive recuiting events – such as the “Recruiting Days” in Berlin, where companies are invited to get to know our school and our students and vice versa. Recruitment events most take the form of presentations, exhibition stands and first round interviews. Other ways of presenting your company are also possible. Please contact the respective campus for further information and to discuss your own ideas!

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