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Master in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Master, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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Program Emphasis
Business, Internationale Ausrichtung, Management, Praxisbezug, Sprachkurse, Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Course options
Full-time study

Berlin, Paris


Contact person
Jessica Thater
Programme Manager
Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin
This Master of Science degree in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed for aspiring change makers who want to apply the tools of business to solving the world’s most urgent social and environmental problems. Whether students set out to integrate sustainability practices into a corporation, start their own purpose-driven companies, or anything in between, this MSc empowers them to drive change within teams, firms, and industries.

A two-year residential programme based in Berlin and Paris, the Master in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation builds on the latest thinking on sustainable business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Over six terms, students will gain a practical understanding of relevant business concepts and methods, such as values-based innovation management and business modelling, as well as direct experience in the field on an internship, a consulting engagement, or a business development project.


Requirements / Application

  • A Bachelor degree* with a minimum of 180 ECTS from a state-accredited institution of higher education i.e university
  • Applicants will preferably** have a degree in business, management, or entrepreneurship; or a degree in economics with minors in business, management, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and/or innovation
  • Fluency in English: Cambridge C1 certificate, TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores, OR English test during the Admission Test Day
  • Work experience not required (if given, a maximum of 2 years is recommended)
*You may submit an application in the last year of your undergraduate studies, if you expect to have completed your Bachelor degree by the time you start the MSc.
**Students from a non-business/economics background are required to participate in a preparatory course prior to the start of the programme. This course will include the topics of accounting, marketing, finance, economics, and controlling.

Tuition / Fees

Application Fees
The application fees are set at €130. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Fees
For those entering in September 2024, the fees for the two-year programme are as follows:
  • Tuition fee: €14,670 per year
  • Service fee: €1,000 per year
Apply by February 29, 2024 to receive an early bird tuition reduction of €2,935.

Duration of study

24 months (six trimesters), including a master thesis (three months) and an internship (three months)

Career Perspective

Demand is up for values-based change agents and entrepreneurs: more companies than ever see sustainability as an essential part of their mission.

However, the new corporate commitment should be seen as the floor of our forecast, not the ceiling. Given the world’s many pressing concerns – climate change, aging populations, income inequality, and more – it’s hard to think of any industry or sector that could benefit more from talented and socially aware entrepreneurs.

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