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Logistics - International Management & Consulting MBA

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Master, MBA

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Business Administration, Logistik, Management, Supply Chain Management, Transport, Wirtschaftsberatung / Consulting

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Frau Annkathrin Scheller
Graduate School Rhein-Neckar
Ernst-Boehe-Str. 15
67059 Ludwigshafen


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zfh - Zentrum für Fernstudien im Hochschulverbund
zfh - Zentrum für Fernstudien im Hochschulverbund
Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1
D-56075 Koblenz
Logistics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with numerous career opportunities. With a growing demand for logistics managers who have professional experience and an international background, an internationally recognized degree can be a proof of the required qualifications.

The online study program "Logistics - International Management & Consulting MBA" has been designed for professionals who are seeking a leadership position in the fields of management and consulting in the logistics industry. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of different areas of logistics and to further develop the necessary practical skills.

The MBA program is specifically designed for logistics managers who work at the interface of different disciplines. For this purpose, the traditional teachings of logistics (business administration, IT and technology) are completed by addressing the issues of consulting and social skills.

Program Emphasis

  • Logistics Management: Lean Management, Logistics Controlling, Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Consulting: Areas of International Consulting, Logistics Management Consulting, Knowledge Management
  • Project & Change Management
  • Intralogistics: Elements of Intralogistics, Logistics Systems in a Digital Factory, Production Management
  • Intercultural Competence & Soft Skills: Change Management, Business Ethics, Dialectic - Rhetoric
  • Extralogistics: Supplier Relationship Management, Distribution Management, Transport
  • Law
  • General Management: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Information Management and Human Resource Management


Requirements / Application

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • 1. University graduates holding a 210 ECTS degree
      a. Final grade of at least 2.5 and
    • b. At least one year of post-graduation work experience in business administration, technology, or IT
    • c. Evidence of English language proficiency at C1 level (CEFR) or equivalent
    • d. Applicants with a grade lower than 2.5 must take an admission test
    • e. Applicants whose degree comprises 180 ECTS must complete a compulsory additional module.
  • 2. Applicants without an academic degree
    • a. university entrance qualification
    • b. practical work experience of at least 3 years in occupational fields that are close to the course of study, e.g. business administration, technology or or IT as well as experience abroad.
    • c. admission test
    • d. Evidence of English language proficiency at C1 level (CEFR) or equivalent
  • 3. Graduates of a German Cooperative State University holding a “Diplom” see (2.)
The degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) is awarded after graduation and qualifies for access to positions in higher civil service and/or doctoral degree programmes.

Tuition fees are 2250 € per semester
In addition, the social contribution of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society, University of Applied Sciences of about 130€ per semester is required.

Logistics - International Management & Consulting is also offered as a certificate programme, in which you can chose to study only selected modules of the programme.

Important Dates

Apply here:

Winter semester: Application period 1st April to 30th June
Applications are recommended for a start in winter semesters. If desired, applicants can also be admitted for summer semesters.
Summer semester: Application period 1st October to 31st December

Location: Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society, University of Applied Sciences.

Tuition / Fees

Tuition fees are 2250€ per semester. In addition, a social contribution of approximately 130€ per semester must be paid to the university.

Financial Aid

If you live and/or work in Germany, you can find various support programs and financial aid for your continuing education. You are responsible for organizing your own financial support. Relevant sponsorships include: Bildungsgutschein, Aufstiegsstipendium, Begabtenförderung, Bildungsscheck (in North Rhine-Westphalia), Qualifizierungsscheck (in Hesse)

Duration of study

The study program comprises four semesters in which six modules and the master's thesis are completed.

Career Perspective

Graduates of this international degree program are in high demand. They can be employed as executives or project managers in various fields of work in industry or trade, as well as in service and consulting. The practice-oriented curriculum allows students to learn a wide range of relevant strategies, techniques and skills that will be useful in their professional careers.

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