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Executive Education

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Executive Education

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Business & Economics, Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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Part-time study, full-time study


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Jana Näther
Director Executive Education
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig
In the department of HHL Executive Education, we support your executives and managers with the expansion of their business expertise and with strengthening their management skills by offering hands-on advanced training programs and seminars.

Our executive management programs and seminars are based on the latest scientific findings and are characterized by a vast amount of practical exercises to impart your executives in a workshop-like atmosphere. This will equip them with numerous individual action approaches for managing increasingly complex challenges.

We develop company-specific executive programs tailored according to your objectives and the needs of your executives. Our open enrollment programs and seminars focussed on a selection of current trends are also tailored to specific audiences and are based on the general management approach and innovative learning content and methods of HHL.

Program Emphasis

  • Depending on the subject matter, participants gain an overview of current business administration matters and tools which are considered in detail through examples, discussions and case studies.
  • The teaching methods in the programs are based on tried and tested knowledge of the sustainability of advanced training courses.
  • Participants are given increasingly more complex tasks in which they transfer the knowledge that they have acquired to their own areas of work, thereby developing their competences.
  • At request: Special checks of learning success in order to measure the success of what has been learnt and ensure that the progress made by the participants is sustained
  • Transparency on costs for program development and realization


Financial Aid

Possible scholarships HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

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