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Excellence for Innovative Leadership
HHL is a university-level institution and ranks amongst the leading international business schools. The goal of the oldest business school in German-speaking Europe is to educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurially-minded leaders. HHL stands out for its excellent teaching, its clear research focus, its effective knowledge transfer into practice as well as its outstanding student services. The courses of study include full and part-time Master in Management as well as MBA programs, a Doctoral program and Executive Education. In the 2014 Financial Times Masters Ranking, HHL's full-time M.Sc. Program was ranked no. 11 worldwide and the MBA Program was ranked no.6 worldwide in terms of career progress. According to the Financial Times and the Start-up Radar 2013 by the Founder's Association for German Science, HHL is a national and worldwide leader for its 'Entrepreneurship' focus.



Doctoral Program

It includes coursework in the form of lectures and seminars, independent research and participation in doctoral forums, research colloquia, Summer School and conferences.

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Doctoral Program

It includes coursework in the form of lectures and seminars, independent research and participation in doctoral forums, research colloquia, Summer School and conferences.

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Master of Science in Management (full-time)

The Master of Science at HHL was launched in September 2008. With a duration of 21-24 months, scheduled in six terms, excellent learning and working conditions will prepare about 40 participants for an international career in business. Join the Master of Science at HHL and break new grounds on your path to success!

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Master of Science in Management (part-time)

The part-time Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) addresses Bachelor graduates with a background in business studies who would like to boost their careers with an M.Sc. from one of the leading business schools in Germany.

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MBA Master of Business Administration (full-time)

The MBA in International Management (full-time) at HHL is a graduate degree program taught entirely in English and is especially designed for talented and ambitious individuals seeking managerial positions with multinational corporations. Students admitted into this program are required to have completed a college or university degree.

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MBA Master of Business Administration (part-time)

With its MBA in General Management (part-time) HHL is one of the first Business Schools in Germany offering this unique education opportunity to employed managers. It allows to combine your job with the idea of life-long learning and a degree of distinction.

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Global Excecutive MBA

The Global Executive MBA of EADA and HHL prepares you to work in a globalized and highly competitive business environment and will guide you to a level of knowledge which is indispensable to successfully continue your management development process.

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Executive Education

HHL also contributes to the qualification and advancement of upcoming company executives with her subsidiary HHL Executive gGmbH. HHL Executive realizes company-specific and tailor-made training programs for middle and upper executives who have at least three years of work experience.

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Voraussetzungen / Zulassung

Aufnahme- und Sprachtests




  • Accounting and Auditing: Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch
  • Corporate Responsibility and Governance: Prof. Sushil Khanna, Ph.D.
  • Economics and Information Systems: Prof. Pierfrancesco La Mura, Ph.D.
  • Economic and Business Ethics: Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Vivek Velamuri
  • Financial Management: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler
  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship: Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart
  • International Management: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
  • IT-based Logistics: Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen
  • Law of Economic Regulation: Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel
  • M&A of Small- and Midsized Entities: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann
  • Marketing: Prof. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg
  • Macroeconomics: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Althammer
  • Microeconomics: Prof. Dr. Arnis Vilks
  • Retail Management: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier
  • Strategic Management and Family Business: Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner

Recruiters Guide

The Career Service at HHL

At HHL the Career Service is run by the Corporate Relations Division, which is responsible for gathering all the relevant essential or useful information on which our advice to students on each of the study courses is based. Our service begins at the point where the student is admitted to HHL, and we are also able to continue to support graduates through our postgraduate career service. We provide access to HHL’s company contacts and the alumni network to students and alumni from all departments, including the research assistants.

We are happy to arrange individual interviews with students and alumni and advise them on their personal career goals. Among other things, the Career Service

  • offers support in the application process for work experience placements
  • arranges regular corporate presentations and workshops
  • runs the MBA Career Fair in conjunction with the leading business schools in Germany
  • produces a résumé book for each graduating year group and sends these to over 800 contacts in companies within Germany and abroad
  • maintains the HHL Online Recruiting Platform and
  • provides access to MLP research databases
Detailed information is available here.



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