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The HHL Entry Test - online

This online test is designed to help the Admissions Committee evaluate how suitable individual applicants are for HHL’s part-time programs. Therefore, it measures
  • numerical manipulation
  • analytical modelling
  • understanding and communication
  • logical and critical thinking
  • holistic data management
  • business situation assessment.
We encourage candidates to familiarize themselves with the test format through two free sample tests and to take the test soon after they got invited.

The test does not measure a person’s knowledge of specific fields of study. Of course, there are many other qualifications that will help you succeed in HHL’s admission process – for instance job experience, leadership ability, motivation, and interpersonal skills. The HHL Entry Test does not measure these qualities. Instead, it is used as standard criterion among other, more subjective criteria, such as essays and interviews. The HHL Entry Test is an online test and lasts two hours.

Computer requirements

  • x64 Windows (7+), MacOS (10.9+) and Ubuntu (15.04+).
  • Administrative privilege
Internet connection:
  • ADSL or fiber optics recommended.
  • Use cabled connection if available
If you take the test on your own computer you must download the proctoring application which uses the webcam, as this is primarily to confirm your identity. You will also be supervised by video during the whole test. That makes you flexible in taking the test at any time or any date you want.

Close all other windows/tabs on your computer during the test. Please make also sure that you do not get disturbed during the two hours testing time and that you have a stable webcam and internet connection.

Next steps
  • send your student affairs manager (contact details please see below) the date you want to take the test
  • receive your invitation link for the test
  • login and you will have access to the free sample tests and the chance to buy a study book
  • Please note: The Case Study is not part of the test
  • before you start the test you must pay the 100$ fee to Business Test Methods directly via stripe.com
  • the result will be send directly to HHL
  • you will receive the test result within 5 working days.
For those candidates who are unable to take the test on their own computer due to any technical restrictions you are always invited to take the test at HHL.

For further information please visit: https://btmethods.com/candidates-portal

HHL Entry Test Business Schools

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, founded in 1898 as the Handelshochschule Leipzig, was the first German business school to be granted university status.

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