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1207 17th Avenue South Ste. 303
Nashville, TN 37212
The Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University opened its doors in 1969 to 10 students and 10 faculty members. Today, Owen rates as one of the nation's most prestigious graduate schools of management.

Important factors contributing to the School's high rankings are a small, selectively chosen enrollment of just over 400 and a 10:1 student-faculty ratio - one of the nation's best. As a result, Owen offers an unusually close-knit sense of community. With its spirit of teamwork, combined with challenging academics and stimulating research environment, Owen appeals to students from 41 countries - and to faculty, alumni and employers.

In 1977, The Vanderbilt Board of Trust named the graduate school of management in honor of Ralph ("Peck") and Lulu Owen. The Owen School is forever indebted to Mr. Owen, the former chairman of American Express, for his invaluable contributions to the school's development.

Architecturally, the school represents one of Nashville's most distinctive structures. Designed by Gyo Obata — of St. Louis's Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum — the school encircles large common areas, which include wide hallways and a landscaped courtyard. The library adjoins these common areas, wrapping around one end of the courtyard.



Master of Business Administration

Give yourself an edge with a globally recognized degree. A global business perspective and leadership skills that employers highly value. A rigorous program that puts you in a stronger position faster. Open-door access to world-class faculty. A program that’s focused on you and your success. Ongoing help from a supportive alumni network. And a tight-knit, sociable community that makes the journey even more rewarding.


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Recruiters Guide

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management! The information on this website will ensure that you have a successful recruiting experience. Whether you interview Vanderbilt MBAs for internships or full-time employment, our goal is to be your recruiting partner, offering flexible services that are unmatched at other business schools.

Here you will learn more about hiring the men and women who have what it takes to move your organization forward. Companies recruit at Owen year after year because Vanderbilt MBAs have proven themselves to be strong leaders, strategic thinkers and exceptional team players who are compatible with your culture and your business needs. We know each of our students on an individual basis so we can match them to your needs.

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