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Kühne Logistics University

Bachelor in Business Administration

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration lays the groundwork for an international career in management. The teaching method includes case- and project-based learning, excursions, business simulations, integrated internships, a semester abroad and regular interaction with industry professionals. Students choose one of four profiles (international management, sustainable management, supply chain management, or digital management and innovation), allowing them to focus on their chosen area and helping to prepare them for their future career goals.


Master in International Management

Our MSc in International Management program provides you with the management and leadership skills you will need for your career in a multinational company.


Master in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Our MSc in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides you with the tools to become a leader in today’s most vibrant management disciplines.


Doctoral Program

KLU’s PhD program is a unique program in training academics to be future thought leaders with a thorough understanding of one of the world’s most dynamic sectors.