Quality Function Deployment object-oriented (QFD oo)

Method for the combination of Quality Function Deployment and object-oriented modeling

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Sixten Schockert


The identification, analysis and documentation of customer requirements represent the basis for the development of high-quality software systems - that is what you call: Requirements Engineering (e. g. [1], p. 5). Within Requirements Engineering the modeling of the system to be developed takes a central position, the functional requirements to be fulfilled can be analyzed on this basis. QFD was developed in the manufacturing industry, however, it is used since the 90s in the system development to find out customer requirements systematically and structuredly, and to translate these into product functions and, moreover, into non-functional quality characteristics. Up to now only few approaches exist which describe how the findings won by the method QFD have to be used for the software construction and the modeling of system requirements. However, this is a prerequisite for the further distribution of QFD within software development. In this article the new method QFD oo – a combination of object-oriented modeling and QFD – is presented. The article consists of three parts. At first QFD oo is introduced briefly. Within the main part of the article the application of QFD oo in a fictious case study is described. The article concludes with a short evaluation of the method and ist use potentials. As far as not indicated differently, the article is based on [2], which also includes the systematic derivation of QFD oo.

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