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Prof. Carsten Reuter berichtet aus seiner Forschung


Aktuelle Ergebnisse seiner Forschung stellt Professor Dr. Carsten
Reuter von der Hochschule Aschaffenburg am Donnerstag, 30. März, beim
Forschungsseminar an der GGS vor. Das GGS-Forschungsseminar findet etwa
einmal im Monat statt. Ziel ist es in einen aktiven Austausch mit der
wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und juristischen Forschungsgemeinschaft zu
treten und dabei die Wissenschaft lebendig werden zu lassen. Mitglieder
der Fakultät und Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen, an den
Vorträgen teilzunehmen. Wir bitten jedoch um vorherige Anmeldung bei
Anja Köhler per E-Mail oder telefonisch unter 07131 645636-35.

Über den Vortrag

The field of sustainable OM and SCM has gained in significance over
recent years, with a growing number of academics seeking to advance our
understanding of how to transition towards more sustainable practices
through internal operations and external inter-organisational
relationships (Touboulic and Walker, 2015). Recent contributions however
have highlighted the fact that the field is at a crossroads. It is
clear that not much progress has been made in practice to radically move
away from “business as usual” and embrace truly sustainable
initiatives. Research therefore needs to become more forward-looking if
we are to meaningfully change organisational practices for
sustainability (Matthews et al., 2016, Touboulic and Walker, 2016,
Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014).

Methods which allow researchers to become more “engaged” and create a
positive “impact” are not unknown to the field of Operations Management
(OM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), for example Action Research.
However, they appear difficult to publish in outlets which are valued by
the current academic systems. After a brief introduction to engaged
methodologies, this presentation reflects on the outcomes of two
conference sessions organised recently as a way to open a conversation
in our field on the question of engaged research. Insights gathered at
these sessions provide a nascent picture of the potential of such
approaches to support the transition to sustainable practices.


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