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Dock & Talk: Stories from the Top

Dock & Talk: Stories from the Top


#1 A Business Mind For A Better World – with Till Wahnbaeck (Impacc)

To launch our new "Dock & Talk – Stories From The Top" event series we’re happy to welcome Till Wahnbaeck, the mastermind behind Impacc, showing us that a sharp business mind can be the most powerful tool for good.

Till isn't your ordinary CEO. He combines roots at Procter & Gamble and the Welthungerhilfe with a heart set on making a difference – and always believing in doing over dreaming. Or, as he says "I'm a doer—that's why I went into business." For Till, it's not just about profit; it's about purpose. He's taken what he knows about the business world and turned it towards fighting one of our biggest battles: extreme poverty in Africa.

His tool? Impacc, a non-profit shaking up the traditional charity model by investing in startups in Africa, that are so far often overlooked. Impacc hunts for brilliant ideas in communities living on less than two dollars a day, turning donations into investments that grow local businesses with the potential to change their world. Through Impacc, Till is blending the results-driven world of business with the mission-driven world of social impact. His vision: "We're using the tools of business for social change."

Join us at KLU’s campus in Hamburg’s Hafencity, enjoying the view among the rooftops and docks all the while enjoying Till’s story from the top. A journey from business to betterment, offering a unique perspective on how to use a business mindset to create a better world. It's a chat that promises to be as inspiring as it is enlightening, perfect for anyone looking to make their mark on the world.

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