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  • Technik

University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Digital Business & Data Science, B.Sc.

Durch den raschen Wandel und die Globalisierung werden Ökosysteme immer innovativer und wertvoller. Die Untersuchung der digitalen Technologierevolution als treibende Kraft ist der Schlüssel zum Verständnis künftiger sozialer, bildungspolitischer und kultureller Veränderungen sowie der Umgestaltung digitaler Unternehmen und der Optimierung von E-Government-Modellen. Der Studiengang Digital Business & Data Science (B.Sc.) richtet sich speziell an Interessent*Innen, die diese Technologierevolution verstehen und zukünftig mitgestalten wollen.


Duales Studium Software Engineering, B.Sc.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über den dualen Studiengang, der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Softwaredesign und Data Analytics in einem intensiven und herausfordernden Studienprogramm verbindet und Sie optimal auf die Karriere in der Tech-Branche vorbereitet.


TUM School of Management

Bachelor in Sustainable Management & Technology at the Straubing Campus

Changing consumer behavior, employee expectations, and political regulations and control instruments mean that sustainability in companies has to be rethought. That’s why we created our Bachelor in Sustainable Management and Technology, which combines a state-of-the-art education in business administration with interdisciplinary competencies for sustainable management in companies and their spheres of influence. In order to be able to accompany and evaluate such entrepreneurial innovations and transformation processes, an understanding of the company’s internal production processes and cross-company value chains is necessary. In lectures such as “Foundations of Sustainable, Entrepreneurial & Ethical Business” or “Green Marketing and Innovation Management”, knowledge on how to develop sustainable technologies, products, and processes is imparted in a practice-oriented manner.


Master in Management & Technology at the Munich Campus

With the Master in Management & Technology, we created a program that gives you an outstanding education in management as well as profound skills in engineering or natural sciences at one of Europe’s top technical universities.


Master in Sustainable Management & Technology at the Straubing Campus

Increasing social interest in sustainability-oriented business, changes in consumer behavior toward renewable and regenerative products, and political agreements and regulations with stricter environmental and climate targets have created a market where companies are now, more than ever, in demand to master the technological change toward climate-neutral and sustainable resource and technology management.


Bachelor in Management & Technology at the Munich and Heilbronn Campus

The program combines management studies with courses in engineering or natural sciences. Lectures, tutorials and small-group seminars will provide you with a solid theoretical basis. Technology-enhanced learning techniques are applied to deepen students’ knowledge and to apply it to real world problems.


Management and Technology at the Heilbronn Campus

The Bachelor's program in Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) is an ambitious degree combining courses in management (70%) with courses in technology (30%), with a focus on digital technologies. It is an interdisciplinary program built around practice-oriented education in the fields of economics, management, engineering and innovation. The practical teamwork completed by students in the Project Studies course is considered just as important as their knowledge of the economic, technical and process-oriented aspects of management acquired in more traditional classes.

The focus on digital technologies is offered as part of the Bachelor's in Management & Technology exclusively at the Heilbronn Campus of the Technical University of Munich, located in the innovative and economically thriving Heilbronn-Franken region.