Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl

Professor - aktiv

Position / Amtsbezeichnung
Berner Fachhochschule
Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
Forschung und Dienstleistungen
Ressourcenmanagement in verteilten Systemen
Unternehmens- und Staatsarchitekturen
Führung transdisziplinärer Projekte und internationaler Zusammenarbeit
Ort / PLZ
3014 Bern
Morgartenstrasse 2c
+41 31 848 34 34


Peer-reviewed Publications

M Kaschesky / R Riedl (2009) Collaborative tools for e-participation across networks: the comuno networking site for public governance and services. Proceedings eDem Conference 2009

A Neuroni / C Schaller / T Stauffer / D Mares / R Riedl / U Sauter (2009) Cockpits for Swiss municipalities – Adopting Business Intelligence and OLAP for a Strategic and Information-Based Political Leadership, Proceedings E-Government Conference within DEXA

A Kühn / K Walser / R Riedl (2009) Beziehung zwischen IT-Erfolgsfaktoren und IT-Risikomanagement im E-Government, in HMD – Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik 2009

P Koval / R Riedl (2009) Pattern Language and swarming: Towards the future of E-Government Implementation, Proceedings 7th Eastern European E-Government Days

M Fraefel / A Neuroni / R Riedl (2009) Reflecting the Relevance of communication in E-Government Projects – Two Case Studies in the Field of Knowledge Management in the Swiss Public Administration, Proceedings dg.o 2009

M Kaschesky / R Riedl (2009) Top-level decisions through public deliberation on the internet: Evidence from the evolution of Java governance, Proceedings dg.o 2009

B Estermann / R Riedl (2009) “Integrated” and “Transcendent” E-Government: Keys for Analyzing Organizational Structures and Governance, Proceedings dg.o 2009

A Kühn / K Walser / R Riedl (2009) Risk Management in E-Government from the Perspective of IT Governance, Proceedings dg.o 2009

K Walser / R Riedl (2009) Skizzierung transorganisationaler modularer E-Government Geschäftsarchitekturen, Proceedings Wirtschaftsinformatik 2009

A Neuroni / M Fraefel / R Riedl (2008) Leading and Communicating ICT-based Change in the Public Sector Approaching an e-Government Project in a Swiss Federal Department from a Communicational Perspective, Proceedings ECEG 2008

A Kühn / K Walser / R Riedl (2008) Auditing Projects in e-Government based on IT Governance Methods, Proceedings Eastern European eGov Day 2008

T Keller / R Riedl / T Marko (2007): Interoperation Evaluation Framework, Proceedings 13th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising 2007

R Riedl / T Keller (2007): Enterpreneurial View of Automated Process Composition. In: Proceedings IEEE 5th International Conference on Web Services 2007

R Riedl / T Keller (2007): An Analysis Framework for the Economic Potential of Process Interoperation. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Informations Society / Charles A. Shoniregun (Hrsg.) -

R Riedl / M Juen (2006) IT Auditing in E-Government. In Proceedings EGOV 2006

T Bocek / D Hausheer / R Riedl / B Stiller (2006): Introducing CPU Time as a Scarce Resource in P2P Systems to Achieve Fair Use in a Distributed DNS. In Proceedings INFOCOM 2006.

R Riedl (2005), Engineering E-Government Platforms and G2G Solutions. In Proceedings eGov Interop '05, Geneva 2005

R Riedl (2004): Sicherheit im E-Government, HMD - Praxis Wirtschaftsinform. 236

R Riedl (2004): Rethinking Trust and Confidence in European E-Government Linking the Public Sector with Post-Modern Society, Proceedings I3E 2004

R Riedl (2003) Affordances in e-Government. In Proceedings EGOV within DEXA 2003, p. 111-116.

R Riedl (2002) Knowledge Management for Interstate E-Government. In Proceedings Workshop of Distributed Knowledge and e-Government, Editor: Maria Wimmer, Siena 2002.

R Riedl / N Maibaum (2002) FASME - From Smartcards to Holistic IT-Architectures for Interstate e-Government. In Proceedings EGOV within DEXA 2002: p. 173-178.

R Riedl (2001) Meaning and Relevance. In Proceedings Cognitive Technology 2001: p. 311-324.

R Riedl (2001) Interdisciplinary Engineering of Interstate E-Government Solutions. In Proceedings Cognitive Technology 2001: p. 405-420.

R Riedl (2001) Limitations for Interstate e-Government and for Interdisciplinary Projects. In Proceedings DEXA Workshop 2001: p. 377-382.

R Riedl (2001) Ad Hoc Vernetzung von Behörden für Internationales E-Government. In Proceedings GI Jahrestagung (1) 2001: p. 320-327.

R Riedl (2001) Hierarchical Knowledge and Meta-Observations. In Proceedings I3E 2001: p. 537-546.

R Riedl (2001) A Functional Model for Mobile Commerce. In Proceedings I3E 2001: p. 617-628.

R Riedl (2001) Event Mining in Virtual Markets: Market research, Knowledge Engineering, Information Agents, and Social Role Structures. In Proceedings IFIP Working Conference on E-Commerce / E-Business, Salzburg 2001.

C Lueg / R Riedl (2001) Information Systems, Information Sharing, and communities of Practice. In Proceedings PACIS 2001: Information Technology for e-Strategy, Seoul 2001.

R Riedl (2001) Document-based inter-organizational information exchange. In Proceedings SIGDOC 2001: p. 122-131.

R Riedl (2001) Customer-Centered Models for Web-Sites and Intra-Nets. In Proceedings HPCN Europe 2001: p. 573-578.

Riedl (2001), Applicability of Modern KM Concepts for the Specific Requirements of Public Administration and e-Government, Proceedings of the IFIP Workshop on Distributed Knowledge and e-Government, Siena 2001

U Hengartner / C Kefos / M. Klose / U Lechner / E Maier / O Miler / L Richter / R Riedl / B Schmid (2000) Organization on Intranet - An Agent based Approach, Information Resource Management Conference, Proceedings IRMA 2000 - deutsche Version: Agenten organisieren ein Intranet - Ein Agentenbasierter Ansatz, in Gemeinschaften in Neuen Medien (GeNeMe 2000)

C Lueg / R Riedl (2000) How Information Technology Could Benefit from Modern Approaches to Knowledge Management, Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Practical Applications of Knowledge Management - PAKM 2000, Basel 2000

R Riedl (1999), Agents for Customer Support in Electronic Commerce: Agents as Performing Actors, ACM SIGUCCS Conference 1999, Denver, Colorado 1999

R Riedl (1999), Usage of Trace Data for the Deduction of Role Structures and Comparison of Knowledge Societies, Proceedings CT '99, San Francisco 1999

R Riedl (1999), The Impact of Workload on Simulation Results for Distributed Transaction Processing (ps), Proceedings HPCN Europe '99, Amsterdam 1999

R Riedl (1999), Performance Control in Very Large Collaborative Information Systems, Proceedings IDC '99, Hongkong 1999

T Domenig / H Jarchow / R Riedl (1999), The Domain Space of Analytic Composition Operators, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 1999

R Riedl (1998) Load Balancing in High-Performance Distributed DBDC-Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Clustering of Workload for Data-Affinity Based Load Distribution, Proceedings ALV Workshop, Munich 1998

R Salomon / R Riedl (1997)How Fuzzy Control Can Benefit from Classical control Theory: The Fuzzy State Controller, Proceedings 2nd Int. ICSC Syposium on Fuzzy Logic and Applications

R Riedl / R Salomon (1997)Fuzzy Load Balancing for distributed DB/DC Transaction Processing Systems, Proceedings 2nd Int. ICSC Symposium on Fuzzy Logic and Applications

R Salomon / R Riedl (1996) "How to Transfer Fuzzy-Control Design to Learning in Neural Networks." In A. Behrooz (Ed.), Proceedings on Knowledge Transfer - KT'96, pp. 90-96, 1996, Pace, a division of Pacific & Middle East Centre for Research.

E Born / T Delica / W Ehrl / L Richter / R Riedl (1997) Characterization of Workloads for Distributed DB/DC-Processing. Information Science 97(1&2): 5-33 (1997)

R Riedl, L Richter (1996) Classification of Load Distribution Algorithms. Proceedings PDP 1996

H Jarchow / R Riedl (1995): Factorization of Composition operators through
Bloch Type spaces. Illiinois Journal of Mathematics 39.

Survey Articles

R Riedl / A Neuroni / K Walser / S Hamida / A Fehlmann / R Scherrer (2007) High impact services. In: Millard, Jeremy (Eds.): European eGovernment 2005-2007: Taking stock of good practice and progress towards implementation of the i2010 eGovernment Action Plan. Brussels 2007

J von Lucke / R Riedl / T Schuppan / M Wimmer / M Wind: E-Government Forschungsplan: Handlungsfelder für eine neue Strategie in Deutschland, GI e.V. Bonn 2005, ISBN 3-00-017360-9

Book Contributions

P Koval / R Riedl (2008) Im Zeich(n)en der Prozesse, Proceedings Rechtsinformatiktagung IRIS 2008 (peer-reviewed)

A Kühn / R Riedl (2008) Koordination von Akteuren im E-Government, Proceedings Rechtsinformatiktagung IRIS 2008 (peer-reviewed)

R Riedl (2003) Interorganisationelles E-Government und das One-Stop Broker-Konzept. In Tagungsband IRIS 2003. Editors: Schweighofer/Menzel/Kreuzbauer (reviewed by editors)

R Riedl (2001) Need for Database Trace Benchmarks. In Performance Evaluation with Realistic Applications, Editor Rudi Eigenmann, MIT Press 2001 (with peer-reviews)

R Riedl (2001), Datenschutz dank Smartcards und Umgang mit Zauberstäben, in `Data Privacy Symposium Schloss Rapperswil 2000', Editor Peter Revai, Edition Matek 2001

Selected Further Publications

R Riedl (2009) Komplexitätsmanagement, Periskop 40, Vienna 2009

A Kühn / R Riedl (2008) Unternehmensarchitekturen für den Staat, Proceedings Österreichische E-Government Konferenz 2008

C Kefos / R Riedl (2005): Interviews about the Practical Implementation of Intranets, Tech. Report, Department of Informatics, University of Zurich 2005

R Riedl (2004): Anonymität im E-Government, digma - Zeitschrift für Datenrecht und Informationssicherheit

A Scheuing / W Schwarz / R Riedl (2004) Qual der Wahl bei der Qualitätssicherung: Wem nützt welcher ICT-Standard. In Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Medien und Informatik

T Keller / R Tanner / Reinhard Riedl (2002) Supporting the Effective and Efficient Reduction of Energy Consumption in Electrical Drive Systems. In Proceedings Motor System Audit and Programs 2, 2002.

R Riedl / L Richter (2002): Digitale identität - die globale Herausforderung. In Tagungsband OCG eGov Day, Vienna

R Riedl (2002) Some Critical Remarks in Favour of IT-Based Knowledge Management. In Informatik/Informatique - Special Issue on Knowledge Management (edited by C. Lueg)

R Riedl (2002): IT-Solutions for Interstate E-Government. In Ercim News No 48.

R Riedl (2002) IT Visions for Ubiquituous E-Healthcare, Swiss Medical Informatics

R Riedl (2001) Vom E-Business zum E-Healthcare, In Welldone forte, Vienna 2001

M Iacobacci / R Riedl (2001), Individuelles Drucken in 3D, In Welldone forte, Vienna 2001

N Auerbach / Q Chai / S Cong / R Riedl (2001), The FASME Prototype, Deliverable 6.2 (public), FASME-IST-1999-10882, Brussels 2001

R Riedl (2001) The Conceptual FASME Architecture, Deliverable 6.1 (public), FASME-IST-1999-10882, Brussels 2001

N Maibaum / C Cap / C Heyden / L Richter / R Riedl / A Oostveen (2001) Final Report On The Prototype Of The Complete JavaCard Middleware. Fasme-Deliverable D5.1, FASME IST-1999-10882

R Riedl / C Cap / S Cong / N Maibaum / L Richter / A Liebert / N Auerbach (2000) System Architecture for the FASME Project, Deliverable to the IST Programme of the European Commissionm & Technical Report, University of Zurich

R Riedl (2000), FASME - Facilitating Administrative Services for Mobile Europeans, Special Issue "Java - The Evolutionary Attraction" in Journal Informatik/Informatique, 2, 2000

R Riedl (2000) Facilitating Administrative Services for Mobile Europeans with Secure Multi-Application Smartcards, Proceedings of e-Business and e-Work 2000, Madrid 2000

R Riedl (2000), Agent Views of Electronic Markets, Proceedings SCI'2000, Florida 2000

R Riedl (2000), Workload Modeling for Load Balancing in Distributed DB/DC Transaction Processing, Proceedings SCI'2000, Florida 2000

R Riedl (2000), Javacards for e-Government and New Economy, Proceedings of the 2nd South Eastern Europe E-Business Conference, Sofia 2000

U Hengartner / C Kefos / M Klose / U Lechner / E Meier / L Richter / R Riedl / B Schmid (1999), ABDRA - Auction Based Resource Allocation, Informatique/Informatik, 1999

R Riedl / T Suezawa (1999), Management of Information Markets with Mobile Agents, Proceedings EMMSEC '99, Stockholm 1999

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