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Steinbeis University – Schools of Next Practices

MBA General Management

If you're a professional who has climbed the career ladder without a bachelor’s degree, our one-year MBA program is tailored for you. It offers practical training and vital skills to enhance your business acumen, regardless of your academic background. This program bridges knowledge gaps and strengthens your foundation in management, empowering you with confidence and competence for career advancement.


MBA Business & Organizational Psychology

This MBA in Business & Organizational Psychology develops skills in diagnostics, organizational consulting, change management, and leadership. It's suited for HR, coaches, and organization developers, focusing on leadership enhancement, critical thinking, and boosting team morale for increased productivity.


MBA Sustainable Management

Our master's in Sustainable Management merges business with sustainability, focusing on long-term viability and ESG. It enhances knowledge across sectors and prepares you for sustainable business practices with essential business management skills and sustainability insights.


MBA Digital Innovation & Business Transformation

Enroll in S-Next's master's in Digital Innovation & Business Transformation to become a leader in the digital era. This program addresses the
evolving demands of modern life and the critical need for digital transformation in businesses, whether established or startups. Learn to foster a data-driven culture using technologies like AI and Machine Learning, and stay ahead by understanding the impact of digital innovation and economics on business and society, making navigating modern business challenges more manageable.


MBA Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Enroll in S-Next's MBA in Business Management, specializing in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, to access a high-demand field globally,
especially in Germany. This program offers deep insights into data technology, applications, strategies, and data-driven decision-making in business contexts, covering both operational analysis and strategic planning. It also focuses on understanding corporate functions and implementing various tools for complex management challenges, equipping you with the skills for excellent management decisions.


MBA HR & Change Management

The MBA in HR & Change Management develops leadership in human capital and organizational innovation. Ideal for careers in
organizational consulting and personnel management, it integrates business fundamentals with HR strategies, focusing on strategic workforce planning, value-driven HR, and the psychology of leadership and change.


MBA Management & Innovation

Enroll in the Management & Innovation MBA to embark on a journey in business and innovation, with a focus on nurturing innovation in
organizations. This program equips you with dynamic skills for today's market, teaching adaptive strategies, product innovation, and driving growth. It's ideal for those keen on strategic management, offering insights into market needs, collaborative innovation, and diverse business models, preparing you for global business success.


MBA Digital Marketing

Enroll in the MBA specializing in Digital Marketing for an in-depth understanding of business strategies in the digital realm. This program
explores the business and societal impacts of digital marketing, preparing you to manage digital complexities effectively. It focuses on innovative strategies using technology for impactful marketing and sustainable growth. Ideal for those passionate about digital marketing, it involves market research, innovation, and consumer behavior analysis.


Master Digital Innovation & Business Management (M.Sc.)

In today’s digital era, effective content delivery across all channels is essential. Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices’ Digital
Marketing degree equips you to harness digital channels professionally, transforming your company’s offerings into future success stories.


Master Management & Innovation (M.Sc.)

Navigate the ever-changing business landscape with Steinbeis University's Master of Science in Business Management, specializing in
Management & Innovation. This program teaches you to drive innovation and stay competitive in a dynamic market, setting new standards and developing effective growth strategies.


Master Digital Marketing (M.Sc.)

Master the art of digital storytelling with Steinbeis University's Digital Marketing specialization. Learn to execute smart, data-driven marketing
strategies, enhance campaign efficiency, and transform your company into a customer-centric hub in the digital realm.


Master Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Steinbeis University’s Data Analytics & AI specialization equips you to be a digital transformation leader. Learn to integrate AI and machine
learning into your business strategy, fostering a data-driven culture and setting your company apart in the competitive tech landscape.