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Online Info Session Part-Time Executive MBA Programs


Join our next Online Info Session on our part-time Executive MBA programs!

In this online info session, you will receive detailed information about Mannheim Business School and both of our part-time Executive MBA programs with a focus on our modular part-time Executive MBA program, the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA.This program will start in October 2023. Recruitment is ongoing in a rolling mode, an early-bird discount of EUR 4,500 will be available for those who apply by the end of June 2023.

What are the distinctive features of the programs? How are they structured? Which contents are taught? How does the application process work?

These and many more questions will be answered in a presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session with Kai Stenzel, Chief Market Officer, and Nilgün Vatansever, Admissions Manager EMBA programs.
To participate in the online info session, please register with the link above.

Since in our Executive MBA programs regular attendance at courses is mandatory (Mannheim EMBA: twice a month in Mannheim; ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA: every six to eight weeks in Mannheim or Paris), our programs are aimed at participants living within commuting distance in Germany or Central Europe.

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