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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Brenner, Head of Department for Management and Economics
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
A-3500 Krems


Mag. Dr. Willibald Gföhler, MBA, Program coordinator - Department for Management and Economics
Department Management and Economics
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
A-3500 Krems
Degrees: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MSc)

Donau-Universität Krems

Danube University Krems is the university for continuing education. Its courses are specifically oriented toward the needs of working professionals. The University offers exclusive master's programs and short programs in five areas of study. Serving more than 9,000 students and with 20,000 graduates from 93 countries, it is one of the leading providers of further education courses in Europe. Danube University Krems combines almost 20 years of experience in postgraduate education with innovation and highest quality standards in research and teaching.

Danube University Krems is one of the pioneering institutions in Europe in the field of university-based advanced education, and a specialized institution in the sector of lifelong learning.

Attendees of Danube University Krems are students with very high expectations. Aged on average 40 years, they have several years of professional experience and usually a higher educational degree (university, college of higher education or academy). At Danube University Krems they prepare themselves for the next step in their career, update their knowledge, acquire new skills, and develop.

Danube University Krems is located 80 km from Vienna – in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes of Europe known as the Wachau. It has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The modern adaptation of an erstwhile tobacco factory in Stein, a characteristic industrial building dating back to the start of the 20th century, and the new premises at Campus Krems offer students and teachers an open and motivating environment that promotes innovation. The facilities include modern teaching and research rooms, a library, an auditorium, a cinema, apartments, and a variety of restaurants.

Danube Business School

We strive to be number one in Europe in executive education and set standards by our state-of-the art curricula tailored to a manager’s needs in the fast-paced 21st century. As a lifelong career coach and partner to our executives we cater to their specific needs with cutting-edge managerial knowledge delivered by flexible blended learning formats based on latest technology. This allows us to have a lasting impact on both, our managers’ careers and self-development and the recent challenges of the society.

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Brenner


We bridge future-oriented, academically sound teaching and research with practice-orientation to address recent economic and societal challenges from both a global and local angle.

We put learning into action by providing the best-possible value to our students and businesses.

We provide an inspiring learning environment that allows our students to acquire both social competences and expert knowledge from top-notch international faculty in an up-to-date and tailored fashion that caters to their individual needs.


Fields of Competencies

Our fields of competencies mirror current issues in the international business world. Danube Business School/Department for Management and Economics bundles specialist expertise and thus creates high quality further education courses, tailor-made to the future qualification requirements of our students.

  • General Management
  • Business Management & Managerial Accounting
  • Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing & International Business
  • Finance & Economics
  • Aviation & Operational Excellence
  • Executive Education
  • Marketing, International Business & CSR
The MBA programs sharpen students' strategic management and leadership skills.

On the one hand, they teach broad, general, cross-functional state-of-the-art management knowledge and on the other — depending on the choice of MBA program — deepen functional or industry-specific skills, or leadership skills at the overall business level.

Special: 3 MBA-Formats

Executive MBA
An excellent General Management- Program with an international focus, designed for top-managers; English; part-time

Professional MBA
State of the art General Management-Program, oriented toward managers in or on the way to a leadership position; subject or sector specific specializations; German and / or English; full-time / part-time

Master in Business Administration (One Year MBA)
General Management-Program with an international focus, oriented toward graduates from disciplines without a significant amount of business training and job experience; English; full-time / part-time

Our MSc programs are oriented towards continuous professional development in a specific function or management role or a specific industry. Students of these programs deepen their operational management competencies in subject or industry specific areas and at the same time sharpen their social and leadership skills.

Special: MBA-Upgrade
Graduates of some of our MSc-Courses are entitled to join a ‘MBA-Upgrade’. In this two-semester upgrade students will acquire knowledge in General Management.

Short-term Programs

Designed to teach management skills and tools in compact learning units of several modules (each between three and six days), depending upon the program of your choice. These modules also count towards MBA- and MSc-programs you might choose to do later at Danube Business School.

Special: Corporate Programs
Danube Business School designs short-term programs tailor-made to the meet specific needs of your enterprise, regarding both their content and the development of required skills.

The Danube Business School-Method

Increasingly managers are to address problems that are becoming significantly more complex. This calls for well-developed skills in dealing with uncertainty and conflicts.

In addition social skills and skills in group dynamics are getting more important role, as the enhancement of staff involvement becomes more crucial. In order to develop leadership ability in a constantly changing environment, decision makers must be able to successfully handle problems on an individual, group and organizational level.

  • Practical Knowledge: Deepening hands-on knowledge based on the experiences of successful practitioners
  • Theory: Communicating and expanding knowledge
  • Application: Bring your new learning into your workplace.
  • Case Studies: Learning and training by means of current business cases
What makes us unique?

The combination of

  • Internationalism of our staff and student body
  • Well established, highly successful, in-house teaching methods
  • International quality assurance
  • A combination of research and practice
  • Highest quality standards
  • Flexible programs and course formats
  • Well established and long-term links with industry and commerce
  • Europe’s leading public University for Continuing Education


This unique combination distinguishes all continuing education courses and programs at Danube Business School: the linking of scientific approaches with practice orientation, innovative teaching and learning methods as well as the highest quality standards.
To ensure the quality of teaching and studying, our programs regularly undergo quality assurance procedures. These accreditations enhance both the international comparability of our degrees and the transparency of our programs and courses.

Study programs

General Management (Fernlehre)

Der Erfolg von Führungskräften beruht auf sozialer Kompetenz, hoher Motivation und erstklassigem Fachwissen. Diese Schlüsselfähigkeiten werden den TeilnehmerInnen im Universitätslehrgang General Management College und dem darauf aufbauenden Professional MBA vermittelt.

Studiengang Details

Executive MBA

The EMBA program addresses the demands placed on executives in a global environment and is comprised of ten modules, each of which is nine days long. Case studies combine theory and practice to ensure integration in a meaningful way. Study-trips to Asia and the North America enhance the learning process and provide insights into international business and current economic development.

Studiengang Details

Business Controlling, MBA

Der Controller als Business Partner bewegt sich im Spannungsfeld von finanziellen Restriktionen, Veränderung und Rentabilität. Dabei müssen unter dynamischen Umfeldbedingungen kurz- und langfristige Ziele aber auch unterschiedliche Interessen der Stakeholder ausgeglichen werden. Im Rahmen des Lehrganges „Business Controlling“ vertiefen Sie Ihre Controlling-Fachkenntnisse und erweitern Ihr Wissen auf den Gebieten Leadership and Social Skills und Change Management.

Studiengang Details

General Management MBA TU/DU

Executives in general management positions are responsible for budgets, they must understand competition, organizational issues and human resources – all of which requires sound business education in addition to professional studies. The General Management MBA program offers the possibility of acquiring basic business, legal and social knowledge while preparing for a career in management.

Studiengang Details

Leadership and Management, MBA

Der Universitätslehrgang „Leadership and Management“, MBA wurde konzipiert, um Führungskräfte bei Ihren Karrierezielen in Organisationen zu unterstützen. In den höheren Managementebenen werden von den Führungskräften in zunehmendem Maße soziale Kompetenzen und strategisches ganzheitliches Denken gefordert. Gerade diese beiden Themenbereiche bilden den Schwerpunkt im Leadership-Masterlehrgang.

Studiengang Details

One Year MBA

Der Universitätslehrgang "Master in Business Administration" adressiert explizit Akademikerinnen und Akademiker, die keinen wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Abschluss haben und mit einer wissenschaftlich fundierten, an der Praxis des Wirtschaftslebens orientierten Weiterbildung ihre Chancen für ein berufliches Weiterkommen verbessern wollen.

Im Lehrgang wird State-of-the-Art Know-how in den Bereichen des General Management vermittelt, das die berufliche und persönliche Weiterentwicklung der Studierenden fördert und Ihnen den Erwerb der für die Übernahme von Führungsrollen erforderlichen Kompetenzen ermöglicht.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA

You're a manager, have several years of professional experience, and want to prepare yourself for a future leadership position or start a company. You want your bring management knowledge to the cutting edge of research and practice or specialize thereby also training strategic decision making in individual management areas.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Specialization Biotech, Pharma & MedTech Management

Increasing demands for innovative therapies and mounting cost pressures characterize the development of novel pharmaceutical and medical products. Managers in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to understand the factors driving health care systems on the one hand, and the industry, on the other hand.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung Aviation Management

The Aviation Management related MBA program is designed for future managers of the Aviation Industry. It combines courses of General Management and all special fields of the Aviation Business.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung Energy Innovation

Das Programm „Energy and Carbon Management“ wurde speziell für MitarbeiterInnen von Unternehmen, welche am Europäischen Emissionshandelssystem teilnehmen, entwickelt, deren Aufgabe das Energie und CO2 Management ist. Darüber hinaus profitieren auch Personen von anderen relevanten Märkten oder Instituitionen, für die das Wissen um effizientes und nachhaltiges Energie und CO2 Management essentiell ist.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Der Professional MBA Entrepreneurship vermittelt Management-Know-How und aktuelle Methoden und Instrumente der Unternehmensgründung und –führung. Die Ausbildung schließt mit einer Studienreise ab. Im Rahmen eines Vertiefungsmoduls erfahren die TeilnehmerInnen aktuelle wirtschaftliche, politische und soziale Entwicklungen in Central and Eastern Europe bzw. lernen auf der Studienreise Wirtschaft und Politik Russlands sowie dessen Rolle im zusammenwachsenden Europa kennen.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung Human Resource Management

Der Universitätslehrgang “Professional MBA Human Resource Management” vermittelt Management-Know-how und aktuelle Methoden und Instrumente des modernen Personalwesens. Human Resource (HR) des 21. Jahrhunderts benötigt ManagerInnen mit erstklassigem Fachwissen, emotionaler Intelligenz, hoher Motivation, optimistischem Denken und sozialer Kompetenz. Der Lehrgang besteht aus sechs General-Management-Modulen und vier Vertiefungsmodulen.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung International Business

The Professional MBA International Business program provides managers with the necessary tools for analyzing the global business, helps to formulate alternative strategies for solving these challenges and tries to reflect on the implications of different strategic options.

Studiengang Details

Professional MBA - Vertiefung Strategisches Management & Restrukturierung

The Strategic Management Strategic Management & Organizational Change Program intends to fill this gap by introducing an innovative and practical framework, approaches to the formulation and implementation of strategic pathways that can adjust as environments and industries change. Through this program, you will learn how to explore the changes occurring in your own industry and assess the strategic position, strategic choices and ways to put your organization’s strategy into action.

Studiengang Details

Requirements / Application

Suitability and language tests

Fitness test
Language tests
We expect you to have an academic degree or, in exceptional cases, proof of adequate professional qualification. For the study programs that are taught in English (50% or more) a good working knowledge of the English language is required. Please find detailed criteria to each program in the single program profiles.

Financial Aid

Updated information about the scholarships can be found here



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