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ESMT Berlin, situated in the heart of Germany's capital, is a private, international business school founded by 25 multinational corporations. The school’s expertise focuses on the development of responsible leaders with a global focus on innovative management, analytics, and technology. ESMT is one of the top-ranked business schools in Germany with a global network of alumni in over 40 countries.

In addition to executive education, ESMT offers seven degree programs: three Masters and four MBA programs.

The ESMT Berlin Master programs are designed to offer you the ultimate combination of specializations, educational rigor, and entrepreneurial expertise. The revamped Master in Global Management is joined by the new Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Master in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence to help you start, analyze, and change business for good.

bild-rechts Since deciding to pursue an MBA can be a difficult decision, at ESMT we also provide you with a range of MBA programs tailored to fit any stage of your career. In addition to our Full-Time MBA, which offers a fully immersive experience, you can choose between a blended, 75% online 25% in-person Part-Time MBA, with a focus on business innovation, a modular Executive MBA, designed to develop senior leaders or our newest MBA program, a 100% online Global Online MBA, allowing you to study at your own pace.

All ESMT programs benefit from close relationships with ESMT's corporate network and founders, as well as its proximity to the booming entrepreneurial environment in Berlin. As the most international business school in Germany, over 80% of ESMT’s faculty members have a non-German background. With 40 faculty members at the school, they r
epresent 17 different countries.


ESMT is among the top 1% of business schools world-wide to hold the accreditation “Triple Crown.” ESMT is accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. The “Triple Crown” is the highest distinction of quality for business schools worldwide.

ESMT has been accredited by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Accreditation Administration, since 2006.

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) renewed its accreditation of ESMT Berlin to grant PhDs in October 2018. ESMT was first awarded this right in 2013.

Study programs

Executive MBA

The ESMT Executive MBA can help you realize your fullest potential – and drive your career to the next level. At ESMT, we realize that both intellectual and behavioral qualities affect your prospects for success. The EMBA curriculum integrates academic training with an Individual Leadership Development Itinerary, peer-to-peer and individual coaching, applied and evidence-based learning. All combine to give high-potential executives the knowledge and experience necessary to grow an organization with the sensitivity needed to manage and develop people effectively.


Full-time MBA

The ESMT Berlin MBA is a great way to accelerate or switch your career. Choice is at the heart of the MBA with multiple opportunities to tailor the program to meet your needs. In an intense 15 months, you will gain the skills and experience necessary to change your future in Europe or beyond.


Global Online MBA

The ESMT Berlin Global Online MBA is designed to teach you everything that a modern decision-maker needs to be a successful leader. Technology and innovation are at the core of this highly flexible program that leads to a globally-recognized, triple-accredited ESMT Berlin MBA.


Part-time MBA

The ESMT Berlin Part-time MBA in Business Innovation is an ideal way to continue working full-time while gaining the knowledge and competencies to support not only your personal development but also the growth and transformation of your company.

The program targets individuals with a minimum of three years’ professional experience who wish to be effective change agents in their organization. Whether you are part of a mature corporation needing to stimulate disruptive innovation or a startup looking to scale up, this program could be the next step in your career.


Emerging Leaders Program - Executive Education

High-potentials assigned to their first significant leadership role need to prove themselves to their superiors, their teams, and peers. Succeeding requires a profound change in both skills and mindset: from a talent who delivers value individually to a leader who creates value with and through others. The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to enable you to manage this critical transition and realize your full leadership potential.


Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte - Executive Education

Im Mittelpunkt dieses Seminars steht der Aufstieg zur Führungskraft. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Schritt, der weder rein intuitiv noch durch „Learning by Doing“ zu bewältigen ist. Vielmehr bedarf es der gezielten Aneignung neuer Fähigkeiten und Kompetenzen.


Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams - Executive Education

Als Führungskraft agieren Sie permanent in einem Spannungsfeld: Sie sollen neue und anspruchsvolle Ziele erreichen und gleichzeitig Ihre Mitarbeiter*innen motivieren, die ein Gefühl von Fortbestand und Sicherheit brauchen. Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams gibt Ihnen für diese Herausforderung die richtigen Werkzeuge an die Hand.


Leadership under Pressure - Executive Education

With corporations facing ever increasing economic, geopolitical, and ecological pressures, there is constant confrontation with new dynamics and risks. This environment calls for a distinctive set of skills that enables managers to identify the sources of volatile situations, evaluate them rapidly, and act effectively.


Leading Change - Executive Education

This program will prepare you to successfully lead change initiatives in organizations by looking at the main levers for successful change. Learn how to anticipate and address change challenges and the various issues they can generate, i.e., psychological, political and organizational. Understand why change initiatives can fail and how to deal with concerns and resistance.


Leading People and Teams - Executive Education

The Leading People and Teams program functions as a leadership laboratory, where you can experiment in a challenging but safe environment to uncover your blind spots as a leader and unlock your full potential, while developing strategies that will help you build a strong and aligned team.


Leading with Psychological Intelligence - Executive Education

Become a more effective leader and develop the interpersonal skills required to foster productive relationships with a diverse range of individuals. Leading with psychological intelligence builds on the latest research to offer insights into human behavior that will inform new leadership methods and tactics.


Veränderungsinitiativen führen - Executive Education

Das Seminar Veränderungsinitiativen führen bereitet Sie auf die Herausforderungen vor, die mit der Einführung und Umsetzung von Veränderungen in Organisationen einhergehen.


Women's Leadership Excellence - Executive Education

For women stepping up to senior leadership positions, specific challenges may arise – especially in industries where such roles are traditionally dominated by men.


Young Physician Leaders - Executive Education

Young Physician Leaders is designed to develop the leadership talent of an international group of young, promising healthcare and public health professionals. Launched in 2011 by the InterAcademy Partnership for Health (IAP, formerly the InterAcademy Medical Panel), it now brings together a network of more than 130 alumni.


Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Big data has become the driving force of business and society today. With large quantities of data being collected on a constant basis, the need for professionals well versed in the responsible processing, analyzing and application of data are in high demand. The ESMT Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence was built to answer to this demand. You will learn to leverage your quantitative skills and merge them with the managerial vision required to create value through data-driven solutions.


Master in Global Management

Unprecedented challenges and opportunities await the future leaders of the 21st century. Businesses with global reach play an increasingly important role in shaping the future along the lines of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The ESMT Berlin Master in Global Management equips you to live up to these challenges by combining modern methods and theories with practice immersion - all with a global outlook. Understand how businesses shape the global economy and how managers and strategy consultants can contribute to making a positive impact.


Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

If you believe, like we do at ESMT Berlin, that the future will have to be very different from the present we are currently living, then the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESMT was designed for you. In today's dynamic networked society, it is the innovators that successfully disrupt and create the spaces for new solutions to emerge. The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will guide you through identifying and evaluating these new opportunities, implementing business solutions, analyzing risk and more.


Requirements / Application

bild-rechtsGraduates and professionals who want to make a difference

ESMT gathers a diverse and talented group of participants. We are looking for candidates who bring with them the facets of innovation and leadership for which the school stands.

Our participants have a strong educational and, for the MBA/EMBA, professional background, understand the importance of taking responsibility, possess the ambition to make a difference and show the potential to make the transition to a broader management and leadership role. They may come from any country, culture, study background and have experience in any industry and function.

For each program, please view the specific admissions requirements on
our website.

Financial Aid

Possible scholarships

ESMT Scholarships

Scholarships are available to support with your tuition and living costs, to help you make your international business career a reality. Make sure to submit your application in time to take advantage of the tuition discounts and other financial offers that could help transform your career. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, personal and professional achievement, leadership potential, and superior interpersonal skills.

Candidates can find a list of scholarships on the particular program websites.

Join our in-person or online events to learn more about financing your studies at ESMT.

Recruiters Guide

ESMT collaborates with recruiters and companies interested in finding new talent. Career Services' Corporate Partnership is a three-way collaboration designed to help companies and MBA students establish direct contact. Companies take full advantage of these services to become personally acquainted with each of our Master and Full-time MBA students.

There are many ways to interact with students.

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