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Leadership and Management

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Specialised Programm, Diploma of Advanced Studies

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Leadership, Management

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Berufsbegleitendes Fernstudium, Online- Fernstudium


Yoan Tanasale, M.A.
The volatility of the market within industries is increasing the competition among the industries’ players, which forces companies to come up with new business strategies or processes that will allow them to stay on top of their games. Leadership is one of the critical factors that can affect the implementation of change and how employees react towards it. Leaders are expected to be able to bring their team members together to work towards the same goals that support the organizations or businesses in which they are working. When leaders can bring out their team’s best performance, this will result in better performance of the organization as a whole, where they are ready to face the competitive market and become more successful.

Through this program, we aim to help organization leaders to define a practical and future-ready leadership approach for themselves and their organizations.

Program Emphasis

Our Leadership and Management program provides a comprehensive understanding and detailed knowledge of the core leadership and management mindsets and practices. In this program, the systematic journey through the fundamentals of leadership and management will be combined with the discussion of essential topics like digitalization, virtual work, diversity, etc.

The acquired knowledge and the developed competencies will help participants to define an effective and future-ready leadership approach for themselves and their organizations.

This Leadership and Management program will provide knowledge on the level of a Master´s degree. Upon completing the program, participants will receive a Diploma of Advanced Studies degree.

The course structure

Module 1 - Leading and Managing Yourself
Module 2 - Analytical Mindsets and Practices
Module 3 - Objective-oriented Mindsets and Practices
Module 4 - Innovative-oriented Mindsets and Practices
Module 5 - Network- and Worldly-oriented Mindsets and Practices
Module 6 - Action-oriented Mindset and Practices

Requirements / Application

The admission to the Corporate Programs requires a Bachelor's degree OR a minimum of 3 (three) years of professional experience.

The application documents are as follows:

  • Latest updated CV (signed)
  • Highschool Certificate
  • University Certificate and Transcript

Tuition / Fees


Career Perspective

You can get a Diploma of Advanced Studies degree from a state-approved German university

You can determine the learning pace yourself by using our innovate learning solution – the “Insider” – for all modules

You can study without having to leave your responsibilities at work

You can have real-time industry insight from our professional faculty members

You can prepare yourself for a leadership or management position by increasing your leadership and management competencies

You can raise your personal and professional profile to a new level

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